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Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar)

Photo of Gabrielle Anwar playing Burn Notice TV character Fiona Glenanne
Fiona met Michael Westen in Ireland when he was under the cover identity of Michael McBride from Kilkenny and she was a 'freelance operative' for the IRA and other entities. She came from an Irish family of seven: five boys (one of them Sean) and two girls. When the youngest, Claire, was 'taken' she got in with a radical named Thomas O’Neill who was planning a bombing in a prep school. She foiled the plan and a few years later O’Neill came after her. She was a member of the IRA and robbed banks for them, has great facility with explosives and tactics and the ability to fight and defend herself. She is impulsive, perseverant, distractible (LD/HK), mean spirited, amazingly self-centered, manipulative and aggressively pursues MW to the point of distraction.
- Her favorite breakfast is a Spanish Omelet, egg whites only.
- She speaks French fluently - for which she sounds like she has lived in France at some point, or perhaps learned it from a parent or grand-parent.
- The owner of a bycicle shop by the church, and old guy Jack Tracy, was good to the Glenanne's. It turned out that he was real plugged in to the underground (which later turned out helpful to Sean and Fiona.)
- Raised a Catholic and without any political or violent interest, she suddenly joined the IRA and blew up cars all over Belfast after her sister Claire was shot, while she was out shopping, by a soldiers bullet who fired into a crowd. That morning she had spilled cranberry juice on her sister’s sweater and they had a terrible fight. So, she had made her favorite dessert, bread pudding, for an apology but Claire never got to taste it and Fiona never got to say she was sorry.
Older in Ireland:
- She met a man named Thomas O’Neill when she was looking for the man who killed her sister.
- According to her, as she tried to avenge her sisters death O'Neill, an ultra-radical terrorist, misinterpreted all her loud anger and believed that she was just as evil as he was. She discovered a plot by O'Neill to blow up children in a prep-school and foiled it.
- A few years Later O'Neill resurfaced and came after her, which is the reason she left Ireland.
- She became lovers with Armand, a gun dealer/killer who had killed someone as payment to an associate of Fiona's for an introduction to her. Armand had her help with a job, which she later found out was a kidnapping of a rival bad-guy, and which turned her off of Armand. He had promised to get her to American if she helped and he kept his promise. (70)
- She first met Michael Westen as Michael McBride somewhere wile they were 'driving past a factory' being chased by someone and had arranged for a couple of cars to be blown up and into the road just after they had passed so that those following them couldn't get by. [The more particulars weren't revealed] (29)
- She met Michael Westen in a dingy little bar, the Black Sand Pub. He asked her 'would you like to dance' and she pulled a snub nosed revolver on him. He came back with 'I assume that means yes?' (83)
- Did a job in Dublin with M involving hiding in a false wall of a truck to sneak something into an otherwise impenetrable area.
- She and M used to do “drops” in Dublin by leaving innocuous items on top of parked car tires.
- She and M had a distress call when they were in Belfast – he would call her “honey.” (61)
- She was with M in both Ireland and Germany.
- Was rescued by M from some “English bastards who had her pinned down in Belfast.”
- She did something in which a money launderer was killed in Belfast.
- She developed a life-long grudge against CIA Agent Card when she discovered that it was he who had come to Ireland and forced Michael to leave without saying goodbye.
- When Michael left her in Ireland she became depressed. She had dreams of him which were painful when she awoke and saw that he was still gone; but, they helped her get through the day.
Photo of Burn Notice Character: Fiona Glenanne
Freelancing Out of Ireland:
- She attempted purchasing guns from a Libyan arms dealer but was thwarted by something Sam Axe was involved in, which is why she hated Sam.
- She collects a snow globe for all the places she’s done a job – Beijing, London, Italy and the Taj Mahal.
In The USA:
- After absolutely harassing and haranguing M to distraction, he finally told her point blank – 'this is what I want and if you care about me you should damn well want for me what I want for myself.' She acquiesced and said 'then I’ll be with you'; but dramatically left the room.
- She told MW that the last money launderer she met - they were still finding pieces of him all over Belfast.
- She didn’t pick up Ms call when he was being held hostage so M said he was going to call her second from now on.
- Although she resented it, she became a client (37) when Mike had to rescue her from her old enemy Thomas O’Neill who had come to the US during her tantrum against Michael when she threatened to go home.
- She told Michael that she prefers an asscher cut diamond. (73)
Kate [medical scammer] (22), Claire Honore’ [French lady] (26), Brianna [Thick accented gang mall] (32), Kim [A “softer approach” for interrogation] (36), Unnamed CIA Agent [Deep throated CIA agent] (42), Kelly Minch [Unknown, used impromptu] (43), Tonya [Jesse's illegally maried wife] (48), Karen Campbell [security consultant] (50), Barbara [ditsy software saleswoman] (51), Charlotte (Mrs. Chuck ) Finley [Security consultant] (52), Alexis [Ditsy rich mark] (55), Detective Lacey [Cagney’s partner ] (), Shannon Brown [Police detective] (57), Tara Winter [wife of Sam] (63), Officer Sharon Stone [dirty cop] (67), Christina Jensen [Mike's wife] (73), Dawn [girlfriend from Boston] (88), Phoebe [Model girlfriend] (89), Erica Hobar [fugitive ID] (94)

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