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Full Summary of Episode 87

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607 - Reunion (87)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season six episode 607
The last time we saw Mike he was restraining his mother Madeline in order to keep her from slugging him. Now, she's nowhere in sight and won't return his phone calls, despite him leaving her increasingly  more pleading messages. He knew they all needed to keep on task and not waste the narrow window of opportunity they had to locate and capture the fiend who killed Nate… and, oh yea, Anson; but, he sat having a heart-to-heart on the beach with Fiona. He told her "I missed you Fi" and her response was merely: "good. Let's go find the bastard who killed your brother." Rebecca, they knew, had some answers… and crap, may have even been the shooter, but as Sam said: "she's not answering the 'bat-phone' and she knows to always answer the 'bat-phone'!" When they went to Elsa's high-rise, where Rebecca was staying, they found that the crook had trashed the walls in order to steal cable, phone and security feeds. She had also found and removed the GPS bug that Sam had secretly placed in the heel of her boot and seemed to have rappelled out a window to avoid cameras, all several days previously. Sam got the hotel's phone records from Elsa and discovered that she was tense because of the trouble her son Evan was giving her. Elsa had cut him off from her money, practicing 'tough love', and now he had ranted at her house-keeper and stolen a diamond bracelet. Sam agreed to go "talk to him" despite the urgent issues with Mike. He and Jesse thought they'd simply be in-and-out dealing with the 'rich-kid-screw-up'; but, instead, discovered that he was messed up with a loan-shark, Morris, who wanted him to steal a truck from a club owner named K.C.. He seemed to blame his mother for his needing to hot-wire and steal cars and said that he was 'real good at it' and had quite a reputation around town – hence, the job with Morris. Before they knew it, Sam and Jesse were caught up in the heist and discovered that it was a mobile meth lab full of equipment and chemicals they were riding around in.
Photo in Burn Notice : Reunion episode 607
During the whole 'adventure,' Sam and Evan sniped at each other. It turned out that Evan not only was a spoiled brat; but, incredibly, had no clue who Butch and Sundance were! Sam asked him why he was "always giving your ma hell?" And the poor, picked on proctum's only response was "you wouldn't understand… she made me work… she made me go to Yale…" – pathetic twit. Jesse drove a car that Evan stole into a power box to cause a diversion while Sam and the twit hotwired the truck and took off. Jesse made a getaway too, albeit through machine-gun fire into his windows, doors and hood which would have sent any actor to the morgue who had writers with any sense of reality. They broke into the truck and found the ecstasy lab which set Sam off on the kid and the piss-for-brains didn't have sense enough but to throw a punch at Sam and get decked for his trouble. Without time enough for us to see the low-life get his clocked cleaned, Morris showed up which made the guys race away, zigzagging down the road to keep the crooks from passing. The whiney baby, who was driving, decided mid-chase that he was scared and wanted to pull the truck over. Sam told him "you stop this truck and I'll shoot you myself." Jesse, in the back of the truck, made some fire-bombs to throw at Morris' cars, so the guy began shooting out the window and eventually hit the truck's gas tank. Without the means to make it back to Miami, Sam called Mike who came up with a plan for them to hole up in an abandoned cement plant while he and Fiona went to tell K.C. where Morris was.
Photo in Burn Notice : Reunion episode 607
K.C. Had dirty cops on his payroll so Michael pretended to be a dirty cop from internal affairs and told K.C. That the truck had been spotted in Doral and he needed to go clean it up quickly. Meanwhile Sam and Jesse used the ether fire bombs to keep Morris at bay. When Mike texted that they would be there in 2 minutes, Sam negotiated, under threat of igniting the whole truck on fire, the ability to scamper into the woods. Morris sent his guys into the brush after them but K.C. showed up with more men and fire power. He let Morris' men go but we heard a shot ring out which caused the chasor's to drop the chase and let Sam and Jesse go to where Mike was waiting. Sam made Evan go back for a 'meeting' with his mother. He apologized and gave her the bracelet back. She began tearing into him about screwing up again but Sam stopped her saying "meet my friend: 'el ojo del diablo,'" a bottle of hooch that he said he met "while I was chasing Noriega around Panama." "In the villages, when there was a fight," he told them, "they would lock themselves in a room with a bottle (of this) and drink until they were bonkers." So – "you two are going to spend some quality time together and nobody is leaving until every - drop -  is gone!" He took a drink and braced himself in delight. They both took a drink and nearly gagged.
Photo in Burn Notice : Reunion episode 607
Mike and Fiona loaded up their weapons (more is better) to capture Rebecca when she went to Warrick, the forger they discovered she had called to obtain a new cover-ID. Mike told Fiona: "If we shoot, we shoot to kill." We don't have any respect for Warrick seeing that he refused to unlock his front door cage to Fiona the near-hypoglycemic-shock diabetic, but did for Michael the willing-to-pay-$50-for-a-doughnut husband. Unfortunately, one of his idiot customers showed up and made a scene just as Rebecca came, so spooked her. A chase through the streets got Michael's Kevlar vest a new dent and Rebecca a bleeding wound to her shoulder as she escaped on a motorcycle. Michael and Fi went to Madeline's with some food but she wasn't there so they left it in the fridge. Later, she called and perfunctorily told him "I'll see you tomorrow (at the funeral)." Back at the loft, he and Fiona noticed a trail of blood on the stairs and found Rebecca waiting for them and bleeding on the floor. She denied that she had anything to do with either Anson's or Nate's death and offered to give them plenty evidence of where she was at the time. Fiona didn't believe her; but, when Rebecca gave Michael the chance to shoot her because no matter what happened she wasn't going to run from him (smart girl), he dropped his gun and let her leave. She paused long enough to express her condolences.
At the funeral Madeline kissed Nate on the forehead and patted his hair. Michael kissed him as well then leaned over and whispered something in his ear. Fiona, Jesse and Sam came up behind them and stood by the casket while some goofy music broke the somber mood.
Really the episode was written and produced by two veteran Burn Notice staff and was at least up to the caliber of this seasons episodes. The only noticeable detriment was the silly, lurching background music behind the coffin scene which demeaned the character's emotions and made the last minute a goofy farce. The tune "By My Side" by William Fitzsimmons was NOT a good choice for the moment. The lurching, goofy rythm certainly didn't match the emotion the director was eliciting from the cast.

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