Burn Notice Partners in Crime

Full Summary of Episode 42

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314 - Partners in Crime (42)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season three episode 314
Michael Westen and Fiona found a worker at the Polish Embassy, Conrad, which they thought they could con into giving them information on the flight that Gilroy was interested in. M found however that Conrad didn't like Russians, which he was pretending to be, and Fiona had to save him from Conrad shooting him. Fiona decided to help M obtain the information on her own. Sam had a paying job with the owner of a fashion design company, Isabella, who thought that one of her employees, Tim Hastings, was stealing from her. Instead she ended up dead floating in her pool and Hastings was being set up as the fall guy. Fiona eventually was accepted by Conrad posing like another agent trying to get information on the "Russian Spy" which had tried to get information from him. She had to get Madeline to give her old photos of M in order to put together a fake CIA document that she could give to Conrad. Damon Belmont, Isabella's vice president, picked a fight with Hastings in order to get him to go talk to Isabella at her house. M followed him but they both found Isabella’s floating body. They escaped from the police who seemed to have already been called and retrieved Hastings gun which had been left on Isabella's deck.
Hastings told M and Sam that it was Damon who had been stealing money; but, that he couldn’t find proof in his books and Isabella wouldn’t believe him. At the funeral, they knew Damon was a pathological liar by his smile; so M decided to go under-cover as Max, Isabella’s "other partner" from L.A., the one who starched heroin in to her fabrics. M rousted Damon enough that he would run to his partner in crime. Sam tailed Damon to the store of Ric Pederson, his partner, who had killed Isabella. Feedback on their microphone prevented them from getting any useful bugging information so M turned up the heat by sending in Sam as a crime scene investigator to let slip that the police were still looking for two accomplices. M then appeared with Fiona, posing as Hastings girlfriend, tied up in his trunk. Fiona claimed that Hastings had arranged to be smuggled out of the country and was going to call the cops on a designer who killed Isabella. When M threatened to kill him, Damon came up with the idea of killing Hastings and re-framing him again. M gave him a gun to do it with and arranged to have the cops see him try and do it; but, instead Damon and Pederson decided to blow Hastings up. M had to shoot the bomb to make it explode early but then the idiot Hastings got himself caught by the police instead of getting into Fiona’s car.
Then M had to make Damon turn on Pederson before he could find out that Hastings had actually been caught. Acting as a crime scene investigator again, Sam convinced Damon that the police hadn’t caught Hastings and were now working on a new lead. M got Damon to come up with the idea of killing Pederson and making it look like suicide. M again got him a gun, rigged the trigger assembly to break and sent him into the store – calling the police as he went. When Damon pulled the trigger and it didn't go off, Pederson attacked him and they were still fighting when the police broke them up. Madeline hassled M for lying about Fiona’s folder – he told her that he had lied to protect her and, unusually, she seemed to buy it. Conrad gave them the contents of the secret file that they wanted and it turned out to be instructions on how to handle an extremely dangerous passenger, although not giving the name. Gilroy wanted M to "help a world class bad-guy to escape."

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