Burn Notice Devil You Know

Full Summary of Episode 44

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316 - Devil You Know (44)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season three episode 316
[Season Finale]  Michael Weston had barely escaped Gilroy’s exploding car when he heard sirens from every government agency with a budget. After subduing one cop and eluding another he was finally free; but, his mother Madeline wasn’t so lucky – she was stuck with FBI agent Callahan who used every known deceptive technique to try and get her to help him catch M. M slept in a van in a parking lot, where he also obtained some clothes, a car and a phone to call Sam who was "surveying the surveillance" at the loft. Sam told him that they should meet at the emergency-emergency spot because there were people all over his loft. At Callahan’s insistence to “help me help him,” Madeline did call the emergency-emergency number and told M to: “come home right now” which turned out to be the secret code that she used to use to get M to stay away when his father was on a rampage. Sam and Fiona had a mini-intervention with M saying that “no more lone wolf crap – we’re with you BUT we’ve got to know that you’re with US!” He agreed and Sam gave them all combat knives as a token. Fiona went to track who might have built Simon’s bomb and M went to get the rest of his files on Gilroy from his car parked in Coral Gables.
In Coral Gables an exploding food cart caught Ms attention and then he saw himself on several big screen TV's in a store window. So immediately he went in lone-wolfing, without calling the others, and found… Simon, who was projecting video from all the crimes M was supposed to have been burned for on TV's around the store. The store clerk was dead and one screen was of a bomb planted in the basement of some un-disclosed a high-rise hotel. Simon said that “the powers that be” had decided that he was uncontrollable; so, they had put him in a hole and “transferred my file to you!” When M finally asked him "what do you want?" Simon blurted out: "I want my life back." M emphatically told him that: "You can have it!"  Simon claimed that he had been watching Ms career in Miami (?) and now wanted to be one of Ms “Clients.” He told M that “you know HIM as MANAGEMENT and told M to bring him to Miami, "the Government Building at 703 Grand Avenue at 6 pm."  M faked seeing a surveillance van up the street in order to get away long enough “to go talk to the guy and see what kind of surveillance was on my loft.” Instead, he “enticed” the liquor delivery boy in the van to run away and borrowed his phone. Sam told him that he would need to swim to the loft from the back side in order to avoid the guards. He asked Sam to contact Fiona and find the bomb and disable it; then, he set the van on fire.
When Callahan showed Madeline photos from Ms burn-file and said: “people get burned for a reason” she "confessed" that she was going to meet M at the Sawgrass Hills Mall Food Court in order to buy more time. A gun dealer contact told Fiona where Keith, the bomb-maker’s, house was; and she and Sam crashed her car through his wall for surprise. Keith told them that he had come from Rhode Island and had done demolition work for a biker gang. He said that he tried to turn Simon’s job down but "he is a grade-A psychopath – you’d like him.” The bomb was Simon’s design and was "in the basement of the Epic Hotel on a remote, plus a timer." At the loft M swam the canal, climbed the wall and came in through the skylight. He took the “call us when you’ve had enough” card from management, containing the phone number, out of the false bottom of a drawer along with a spare unused phone. While building an explosive device, he told Management that Simon thought he was willing to “hand you over if it meant clearing my name.” He suggested coming with a team and taking him down.  Management agreed but said that “you’re my insurance. If this goes wrong I wouldn’t want to be you or anyone who knows you.” M tossed the explosive out the window and exploded it in order to give the watchers something to worry about while he escaped.
Simon and he had to escape a police chase with Simon driving the wrong way up a causeway until a truck tipped over blocking the road. Callahan threatened Madeline that she was admitting to federal offenses if she said that the things they found in her house were hers. She also said that all the people looking for M will “shoot first and ask questions later.” Sam and Fiona had frozen the bomb detonator with liquid nitrogen and removed it when Sam said: “I heard a beep… was that a beep?” He threw the detonator behind some water bottles and it blew them apart. Simon kicked M out of the car saying that he’d hired his own team and gave M his phone back. Callahan told Madeline that M had just tried to blow up a hotel screaming at her. He claimed M had nearly killed a cop and "nearly killed me." She just calmly said that "if M had tried to kill you, you’d be dead.” “Do you really want to pay for your son’s mistakes?” He screamed at her. “He paid for mine,” she mumbled almost under her breath. So they cuffed her and took her in. M agreed with Fiona and Sam that if Simon showed himself they should shoot him, to Fiona’s surprise. Management wanted his men to do all the shooting so M was going to meet him unarmed at the landing site and go with him to the government building.
Just as Management had landed, thinking that they had all of Simon's crew identified and taken care of, and M learned that this site was the only site he could have landed at – the helicopter blew up. In the confusion Simon appeared dressed as a guard to capture them. As Simon told M that he had lied and was now going to kill him, M stabbed him in the leg with the knife Sam had given him then jumped over the railing. He jumped into a garbage chute and fell into a dumpster. Sam was to call the FBI and tell them to follow him because he had seen Simon put Management into an ambulance and was going to chase him down in a city truck. Eventually M drove down an alley, broadsided the ambulance, fought Simon and eventually overpowered him, taking his gun. Before he could shoot, Management stopped him pointing out that killing Simon with the FBI coming would kill his own future… “And you have a big future.” Simon egged him on to pull the trigger, but the FBI arrested them both. Simon chortled the whole time “you’re just like me… just like me!” Callahan came into Madeline’s holding room and told her that he was now off the case, and he had no idea where M had been taken. He said that the FBI had held M for about 20 minutes until "someone" came in and took him away "and there is nothing we can do about it … and it is all your fault." She slapped him twice for letting someone take M and Callahan said “no telling what hell hole he’s in now.” M was then shown being taken, hooded, up some stairs in leg and arm chains, through barbed fences and into a prison. He was unchained and the camera pulled back to reveal that he was in a plush sitting room!

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