Burn Notice Good Intentions

Full Summary of Episode 43

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315 - Good Intentions (43)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season three episode 315
Sam was covering an impromptu meeting between Michael Weston and Gilroy from a high sniper perch and saying that prisoners on super-max security had hair on their palms and forked tongues when Gilroy pulled up in his armored SUV. Of course M pulled the phone out of his ear and got in the car for a drive. He and Gilroy drove to a "white supremist" compound to purchase a Browning .50-cal machine gun. M went in with a metal case full of money to get it; but, unfortunately, he had to use the case to clobber his way out of a trap.  When he ran back to the car he found that Gilroy already had the gun and realized that he had merely been used as a decoy. Sam was to arrange a meeting with his FBI contacts in order to report what Gilroy had done because Fiona wanted M to accompany her to meet with a hustler named Coleman, who normally deals in counterfeit bags and stolen phones, but who now had a "gig" for her. It turned out that agent’s Lane and Harris wouldn’t listen to M or even pass on his information. Sam bugged Fiona’s phone so he could follow her at her meeting when she went back a second time. Coleman admitted to her that he had lied to “Gabriel” about Fiona’s work history in order to get the gig; but, said that it wouldn’t come up. As Sam watched her go into the house he muttered that he had to get some new friends; and, of course, the first thing that Gabriel asked was a trick question about her work history in Madrid. Then he sent a goon to her house to fetch her passport which “had better be stamped Madrid.” Sam immediately called M to go alter the passport in her false bottomed dresser drawer, for her alias Kelly Minch, so that it would show Madrid... he barely made it.
Sam told Fiona that Allen King, who had a daughter, had been taken at gunpoint shortly after Gabriel came to town so she decided that she was going to go back in again, over M and Sam’s objections. To help her, Sam pretended to be the homeowner’s association inspector in order to give her 10 min to search a padlocked room in the house. For his next test of her "veracity" Gabriel had Fiona break apart a Beretta 9mm while she was being attacked by one of his goons. Gabriel revealed that the reason Coleman had come to her was because he had forced himself on the girl that Fiona was replacing and now he had been taken care of. Gabriel had her Interpol file – which revealed that she had been a happy Catholic Girl, without interest in politics or violence until suddenly she joined the IRA and blew up cars all over Belfast. After the IRA, she had a gorgeous flat and was a star on the black market then threw it away and moved to Miami – “I followed man here, didn’t work out, next question,” was all she would explain. "Your sister named Claire was killed by a bullet of a soldier who fired into a crowd while she was out shopping and she choked to death on her own blood," he recited to her. Before she could answer, however, Sam showed up outside yabbering about crabgrass; so, she went to look into the locked room. She found nothing except papers bout Apex Industry’s and photos of Gabriel's family. When Gabriel returned he found Fiona in the hallway and didn’t accept the coincidence of Sam and her out of her seat, so told her they were going for a ride. He even noticed her “trouble” sign, two buttons undone on her shirt, and drove like a crazy man so he couldn’t be followed. He told her that he was a doctor in Argentina when an American company came to build computer chips but then dumped chemical waste into the water table, killing children including his daughter Eva. M and Sam watched from a distance too far to shoot, unable to do anything, while Fiona had to talk her way out of being shot by telling Gabriel about her sister Claire. She said that the day her sister died she had spilled cranberry juice on Claire’s sweater and they had a terrible fight. As an apology, Fiona had made her favorite dessert, bread pudding, but she never found out. She said she understood how he felt about the men who killed his daughter and he put his gun down.
He accepted her explanation and at dinner he told her that he had gone to train with the rebels in Columbia for two years and had taught them field medicine. He said he had kidnapped an official of Apex and given them a deadline to shut down the factory, which was up in 5 hours. He wanted Fiona to help kidnap the head council for Apex next if they didn’t comply. She tried to talk him out of killing King but he wouldn’t be dissuaded. She faked an accident with a waitress so she could make a call to M in the bathroom. M said he would do a drop “like they used to do in Dublin.” Sam did the drop for Fiona while M had to go meet Gilroy. Madeline helped Sam put a tracking bug in a lipstick case for Fiona which he then planted on the car. Gilroy's plans were that M would guard a bridge to keep anyone from coming across, while he kept the gun and killed anyone who got past. M said, “No Thanks” and walked away, so Gilroy decided to reveal that an “Inmate had hand-picked you for this job (in fact seemed) rather obsessed with you.” M kept on walking, so Gilroy shot a 50-cal round next to his head to get his attention, but deafening him in the process. Gilroy angrily told him that “tomorrow don't come for the money or for me; rather, come for all the people I have to kill if you don’t do your job.”
Back at the restaurant with Fiona, M masqueraded as a health inspector and had to create a grease fire in order to spook Gabriel's new kidnap target from staying in the building. So Gabriel determined to shut down the operation and lead-footed it back to the warehouse in which he was holding King in a fire-bomb, booby-trapped cage on an IV drip sedative. Gabriel put a lethal dose in the IV and Fiona distracted him to go look for someone in the grass while she tried to rescue King. She got the drop on Gabriel using her throwing knife then took his gun. She locked Gabriel in the cage, and not wanting to be arrested, he triggered his own booby-trap.  Then Fiona changed her mind and tried to rescue him as well. He refused and she was in the middle of flames trying to pick the lock as Sam and M showed up and had to rescue them all. King was arrested; but the other Allen King decided to do a story about Apex Industries and called the investigating authorities – after Fiona gave him a “talking to.” Then, M set up explosives to blow up his bridge while Sam was watching at the airport. A private plane caught fire at the airport which caused flights to be diverted. Gilroy met the diverted plane and paid off a guard, then greeted the hooded prisoner. M called him when he heard sirens coming toward the bridge and Gilroy told M that “our guest is so keen to meet you.” M had to blow the bridge to prevent cop cars from coming over it and getting shot by Gilroy. Then M ran to meet Gilroy and found him shot and chained in his car with a bomb strapped to him. Before he blew up, Gilroy said that the guy had paid him $10 million to release him but his plan, instead, had really been to "kill me and come after you – his name is Simon."
Either there is an error in script or Fiona had lied to Michael about where she was before she came to get him in the motel after he had been burned. Her Interpol file said that she had left Belfast, which she interpreted to Gabriel as being "to follow a man."  However, she told Michael that she had been living in New York when she had received the "emergency-number" call from the maid about him being in the hotel unconscious.

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