Burn Notice Center of the Storm

Full Summary of Episode 53

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409 - Center of the Storm (53)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season four episode 409
"Old Bibles make good code books because of the variation between books and numbering of chapter and verse" Michael Westen said in voice-over; but, only Simon Escher knew what the book paired with and Vaughn had Simon Escher. Not surprisingly neither Sam nor Fiona liked Ms idea to talk with Simon; but, Fiona took the book to hide until after Vaughn had left town. The hurricane hitting Miami didn’t stop Vaughn from appearing at the loft; or, from going back into the storm when M threw him out for saying “No” to the request to speak to Simon.  Probably only the second time we’ve ever heard M yell he told Vaughn that: "I have risked my life, got a man burned and caught an endless amount of grief over it – and before you say no, you  need to remember that I’m pretty dangerous too.” With his screwed up face, Vaughn had said “this is me saying no!” So out he went into the storm but not before saying: “there are bigger storms coming and I’m going to remember this.” While M was chewing out Madeline over not evacuating for the hurricane, FBI agents Harris and Lane came asking for a favor. A man named James Bailey had witnessed a murder that the Turkish syndicate had pulled and was now under witness protection. A hitter had found where Bailey was and opened up with a modified Saiga-12K so Bailey took off. They needed help finding Bailey while they were being pulled back to Washington for reprimands. They had the license plate number of a truck Bailey had stolen and M just couldn’t miss the opportunity for the FBI to “owe him one."
Fiona told M about Pano, who had a knack for specialized shotguns, so M went with Sam to shake them down for information which he could then give back to the fed’s and be done with it. Unfortunately, they got involved deeper than they planned. They found that a young guy named Cole had wanted a clean Saiga with a 20-round drum last week dropped behind the Gold Coast Apartments in N Miami then they locked the arms dealers in the trunks of their car. Vaughn came to Fiona’s apartment with a gift of Cuban food and tried to weasel the book out of her. He claimed that he would get Jesse his job back if she got the book from M and claimed to be doing it for Ms benefit. He claimed that: "Ms burn happened before I was even was in the picture and I had nothing to do with it." "I've been nothing but a friend to M,” he said. So she asked him, "Does M know you are here?" which shut him up. Sam found where Cole, the shooter, was living and M went to see if he was still there after the hurricaine, only to fall into a room booby-trapped with a claymore mine. Cole came out of the closet while he was disarming it. Cole thought M was Matt Reese, a second hit man he knew that the Turks had paid for the job. M signaled Sam, who was watching, to monitor the radio before being hustled into a car and cable-tied to the steering wheel.
M convinced Cole that they needed a city vehicle in order to get past evacuation lines and was able to contact Sam on the radio while Cole was outside getting caught up in a shorted power line. The FBI said that the truck had been found abandoned so wouldn't be of any use and that they had never known about the girlfriend Cole had mentioned to M. Sam sent Jesse, Fiona and Madeline to Bailey’s house to scout for some description or something he could use the next time M was able to call. M saved Cole from being electrocuted by a broken power line in water. He offered to pass him a ladder to walk on if Cole would toss him his gun; but, instead, Cole dropped it into the water. So M decided to teach him to obey and slugged him when he got across. Unfortunately, Cole had another gun and slugged back. M worked mentally on Cole about his previous role in the Bomb Disposal unit and revealed he had been in the Special Forces as well. Cole admitted that he had been dishonorably discharged due to his “buddies” trafficking drugs and that his superiors wouldn’t listen.
Madeline found Bailey’s girlfriend’s pregnancy ultrasound and a photo of a white house, grey roof, a blue door and a weather vane; which they CBd to M in coded speech. However, the real Matt Reese got the drop on Cole and M so M had to jump over the rail to escape then run to Joanne, Bailey’s girlfriends’, house. He told them: “I’m Michael Westen and I’m here to save you people.” Then when Cole came he had to tell him as well: "I'm Michael Westen and I'm here to save these people." Then, he played on Cole’s better half again, which wasn’t too successful until Matt Reese showed up and tried to kill them all – then they became teammates. M rigged an air conditioner to explode when Reese’s men came down the alley, which worked but Reese then got the drop on him. Cole had to take Matt down. M let Cole go to Antigua, where he had said that he wanted to go, and he dropped his gun on the way out. M cable-tied Matt and his men up, returned Bailey and let Harris and Lane take all the credit. That was the way that M got them to roust Vaughn about being: "put on the public enemies list unless you do what that man over there (M) wants." Fiona had told M about Vaughn’s visit and her appointment with him. She said to tell Vaughn she couldn’t make it and next time not to bring Cuban food.

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