Burn Notice Blind Spot

Full Summary of Episode 55

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411 - Blind Spot (55)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season four episode 411
Sam happened to have one “old school” government folder (which they still use in Japan) so he made up an entire set of papers which “tied all the loose ends” and allowed Jesse to come to the conclusion that John Barrett was the head of the “Cabal” which he had been looking for all these years. And, for the umpteenth time Fiona inflicted us all about “let’s talk about what we’re doing to Jesse” M decided to play it straight with Barrett and use the private phone number Vaughn gave him to interrupt Barrett in his conference room and tell him that they had the Bible, wanted jobs and it was here in Miami "whenever you’re ready to talk." Then he and Jesse set up a video monitored trap for the poor schmuk who Barrett sent to steal it back. Of course, Fiona manipulated M into a lunch meeting with Madeline so they both could take a shot at him over POOR, POOR JESSE and how M is HARMING HIM! [see below] So, unbelievably, Madeline threatened M that it had better be over soon! Remember, the fact that Jesse was staying with Madeline was forced on M by Fiona’s self-centered arrogance.
Even though she had been beating on everyone about her leaving M, she had really taken on a client and was going to have Sam help her with the case. A friend of a friend from yoga, Emily, was seduced by a scam artist, Charles Archer, who took her life’s savings. Charles was the first man she had dated after the death of her husband Josh and was swept off her feet. He offered to help her invest her insurance money and used all her account info to clean her out. Now, [surprise, surprise] Jesse began ragging on M about wanting to go physically after Barrett and not liking any of Ms plans. M set up a defibrillator paddle to incapacitate anyone who tried to reach into a barrel for something that looked like the Bible and watched closed circuit video for the commando to come for it.  Sam and Fiona found Charles at the bar spending Emily’s savings with a new “fish on the line.” Fiona described him as “the one man from England with decent teeth.” He only had a couple of DUIs and no discernable bank accounts in the US; but, he had an Interpol file for being a suspected killer. Two women who had complained about him went missing. Because his name was Charles, Fiona thought Sam needed a new cover ID; but, he told her “No… Chuck Finley is forever!” So, Plan A: Chuck and Alexis “accidentally” met Lindsey and Charles. Fiona said she just flew in from San Francisco and was chartering a yacht when she met Chuck. Fiona took Lindsey to the restroom so Sam could spring a con on Charles pretenting to be a fellow sleazy-womanizer and wanting to run Alexis’ money through Charles' account for a fee.  No deal… so Sam actually had to physically restrain Fiona from “bulletizing” the guy. She told him that if it didn’t work out she would shoot Charles then YOU!
On to Plan B: They brought Michael Westen into it. Sam was going to make Charles think he got drunk and went on a spending spree so he would check his balances and they would be watching when he did. It worked, right up to the point where he was supposed to check his accounts and Fiona and Jesse tailed him to a money-laundering lawyer and were nearly caught until they pretended to be lovers.  Back at the warehouse Jesse ragged on M about the credibility of Sam’s contact and wanted to slip him some false information to test him. M countered [as does every viewer watching this thing], "we know Barrett wants the Bible, how much more testing do we need?!"  The commando, Colonel Russell, got zapped and hog-tied until his buddy called for him. Then he was released to take a copy of a page from the Bible directly to Barrett.
Now onward to Plan C: they needed to make Charles paranoid enough about his money to need to bring in help from M who would convince him he needed the account numbers to keep his money safe. Emily asked “do you guys have a manual where you get this stuff?” Sam told Charles that a little blue Hyundai was following him everywhere, Fiona and Jesse planted a “not so sneaky bug” in his car – which he found and Sam returned claiming that he had $100k missing from his accounts and said he had a plan to get somebody to go after the thieves. So, with a little embarrassing, Charles agreed to get the account info but his lawyer said that he had already found the leak, Emily, and was sending people to take care of her at that very moment, and a ticket to Rio for him.
Good thing we’ve got Plan D: Fiona went in a blazing with her bean-bag gun and blew up Emily’s back door to rescue her from the hit men. Then they faked another drunken bender for Charles, set Emily’s boat on fire and made it look like Charles had killed her. Sam came to rescue him and M said that for a million dollars he could launder the incident "so it never happened." So, finally, he got all his money back from his money-launderer, including the launderer's cut, and gave it to M to "make it go away."  Then Sam gave Charles a ride to the airport and on the way told him everything.  Fiona let Charles out of the car in middle of a bridge hollering about “you can’t leave me here!” The money was going back to Charles' victims and he had to go on the run from his angry lawyer-money launderer. Madeline stormed out of her house claiming to be going to visit her friend and whining about “all the pressure” of seeing Jesse and M lying to him! Barrett called from his car – saying he had just landed in Miami. Sam was looking into where Barrett was staying and Fiona went, yet again, to rag on M but was intercepted in the loft by Jesse holding a gun on her. Ostensibly, even after they had basically caught Barrett red-handed, the poor whiney boob just “didn’t feel right” and had called Marv who had amazingly gotten a video tape from the building “across the street” which showed M stealing the documents that burned Jesse. Fiona called M to tell him that Jesse was coming after him.
Most all of us can realize that Matt and the writers needed a “hook” here into exposition; but, holy crap this is tiring!  Just what the hell does Fiona want Michael to Do? Let Jesse blow up and have to deal with HIS mess on top of everything else on his plate or be KILLED? One can only hope that it will end soon!
And most of us can realize that this is fiction BUT even JK Rowling realizes fiction is the most difficult to write, because it has to at least seem plausible or reasonable and fantasy does not. This crap with the “must be carefully kept” Jesse has alienated much of the fan base and is pathetically weak at best. And, it is terribly damaging to the Fiona character, as well as the entire show. Such absurd plot points coupled with insanely poor writing is NOT what got most of us hooked on this series in the first place. If Matt has nothing better than this any more, perhaps he should seek out some other writers to help.

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