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Full Summary of Episode 58

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414 - Hot Property (58)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season four episode 414
Michael Weston was outside the local police station waiting to break into its “Fusion Center,” where the master computer was. Sam gave him his cover ID – Elias Schmidt, of the Shady Glade Neighborhood Watch. Justin Walsh, who stole the NOC list from the thief who had stolen it from MW who stole it from a bank safe-deposit vault, had D.O.D. clearance so would be in the Fusion Center’s database. M had an appointment to meet with an officer on the floor below the database so "merely" had to dodge to the next floor, pick the lock, hack the computer, download it to his thumb drive and get out… which was the tough part. He had to steal a police jacket, throw a chair out the window and claim that Schmidt had leapt the building. Back in the car, Sam told him that: “you are the reason I drink.” Voiceover said that: "there is nothing more difficult to repair in the field than trust." Jesse ragged on M for not pre-clearing the break-in with him because “I’m your ‘partner’”; but, at the same time, was withholding finding that Walsh had emailed Taiwan, Peru, Bulgaria about “stamp collecting.” Walsh was auctioning off the list and M had to talk Jesse into using Marv, his old handler, to track the location of the sale. M wanted to move back to the loft but Madeline said “you’re still leaking!” She argued “you got shot” but he countered that “thanks to Jesse just in the 'right spot!'” Jesse stalked out saying that Fiona was paying him by the hour to help with a job; then, whined at Fiona for having a client in the “boonies.” He told Fiona that HE forgave her [the pathetic twit] because M had "made her" and she was "just being loyal."
The client, Stuart, had tried to buy a gun from Fiona’s dealer and was so angry that he was given Fiona’s number instead. He claimed his sister had been seduced, then mistreated, then rescued and now being held captive again by a Venezuelan diplomat, Marco. He needed their help to rescue her and wanted to be there when she was. Sam called Marv claiming he was a PI who had information about a tryst he had back in July 2003 with Sally Baker, at a $60/night roadside motel. He wanted him to come to Miami, to which Marv agreed. Fiona and Jesse then went to scout Marco’s place. Fiona wanted to use her gun; but, instead, Jesse faked being injured in an accident then wandered into Marco's house, jabbering and taking mental notes of the security and layout. M, who had his feelings hurt over Fiona not calling him for the job first, saw their map and noticed right off that Stuart’s story didn’t add up; so, he offered to help, which annoyed Jesse more than a little. As they made it clear that they knew Stuart wasn’t telling the truth, Natalie Rice, a thief who they had met previously, shot and killed him. She admitted that Stuart was indeed lying, that he didn’t have a sister and that she had found him up in Boca scamming cancer patients. She told Fiona that it was a bad call to use her car as an armory; because she had stolen and used Fiona’s gun to shoot Stuart. She blackmailed their help to steal back and destroy a chemical weapon, which she had stolen for the Venezuelans. Natalie met M and Sam at a shoes-off restaurant and said that it was Novichok Agent they were trying to get back.
Ms plan was to fake a gas leak to get Marco to move the agent, then ambush their non-armored SUVs. Sam demanded that Natalie stay with them the entire time and said she could not leave until Fiona’s gun was returned. Fiona set up for her part in the diversion at Madeline’s, who (surprise, surprise) wanted to “talk” about M and Jesse. She demanded that Fiona help her get them together. Marv did come to Miami and wasn’t happy about being tricked the second time to see Jesse. Jesse had to tell him his last help "led directly to the takedown of Drake Technologies" which left Marv dumbstruck. He agreed to look into the: who, when and where of the auction mentioned in the emails. Jesse whined to Sam about blackmailing Marv and Sam said “I know what you mean” but “stealing a chemical weapon from a bunch of crazy South American’s always cheers me up.” Natalie noticed that M and Jesse didn’t talk while they were waiting for Fiona and ragged on them about being “teammates”; so, Jesse retorted that: “teammates don’t frame each other for murder.” Fiona’s diversion actually didn’t work. They started to move the device from a shed, but Marco intervened and shut it down. Natalie had to save Fiona’s cover – thank you very much. Back at the restaurant with Natalie and Fiona, M explained that they intended to shoot out the alarm lights and neutralize the sirens with spray insulation. Natalie wanted to use a thermal lance instead of the water saw that Fiona wanted to use and gave Fiona’s gun back to prove she was a team player.
Marv tried to record Jesse’s blackmail for his own protection. Jesse realized what was going on and chided him saying that they were friends and he’s not blackmailing. Marv said he found that the email addresses belong to brokers, arms dealers and some ex-spook who’s into crypto-intelligence. "The auction is in Santo Domingo in two weeks and you need 5 million in an escrow account just to get a seat at the table," he said. Jesse then asked for the 5 million from the federal reserve which was marked for destruction. Marv agreed, but shouted “last trip to Miami!” Fiona and M talked about the job, and Sam's escape route, at the loft before going to the compound. All went well, they got the chemical weapon in a case and tossed it over the wall to Sam. Natalie slipped and fell getting out and told Jesse that she’d meet them later; but, had really planted a mine in Sam’s way so was there when the car blew over to steal the weapon. M realized that she had bugged his shoe when he went to the restroom at the restaurant and decided to use the bug to fake that Sam had put the "real" case in the trunk because they had anticipated Natalie’s deception. They played like they intended to put it in a locker at the bus station while speaking into the microphone. Natalie did come for it and they followed her back to her buyers. M went in to grab the weapon but got caught by the buyers; so, he pretended that he was going to shoot the chemical weapon, pointing at the fake one full of tear gas, if they didn't give him the weapon. After they called his bluff, he shot it; then, when they all ran, he grabbed the real one. Natalie ran right into into Fiona’s gun. They chained her to a boat trailer with the real chemical weapon and made her call homeland security in order to avoid having to deal with the disappointed Venezuelan’s.
Jesse got the money from Marv who tried to spread doubt about Jesse about trusting M.  Fiona called to invite Jesse to Carlito’s – her treat. Of course, when he got there he saw that it was really: Madeline’s “intervention.” “If you two don’t start trusting each other again, somebody’s going to end up dead,” she warned them.  “Jesse, M ruined your life, got you fired, he was trying to do a good thing – so GET OVER IT!” “Michael, Jesse shot you in the chest, he was trying to save your life – DEAL WITH IT!” “Not closure, just good old fashioned gutting it out… just like families do when someone betrays someone… MOVE ON!” “If you two are good, shake on it, if not SHAKE ANYWAY!” They did – she left – Jesse said “wow, your mom’s good.” And they started planning to crash an auction.
However, it will take a lot more than a well written speech from Madeline to restore the trust of the fans which has been lost over the Jesse character.  Please either change drastically the way Jesse fits into the group or kill him off.  It's more than just "what we've gotten used to."  This type of whining, needs-to-be-carefully-kept character is tiresome and distracting from many, if not most, of the episode's he has been in.  Might be OK on occasion for a recurring "bad-guy" but not for a main character in this type of show. Oh, and the barely believable premise of the whole: "poor Jesse's blaming M for burning him," insults our intelligence.  Either Jesse is a pathetic twit who doesn't fit in and should be removed OR Michael is a complete fool who doesn't know how to string the seven "Vaughn burned us BOTH - so quit whining" words together.  One or the other, you can't have it both ways.

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