Burn Notice Double Booked

Full Summary of Episode 20

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208 - Double Booked (20)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season two episode 208
Michael Westen and Sam were canvasing every Bill Johnson in the Miami area, looking in their garbage for signs of spying. On the tenth one they found a “dog lady” and garbage sacks full of shredded documents with bottles and bottles of laundry bluing and prunes – to which MW said "we’ve found our spy." Back at the loft M was confronted by Larry Sizemore, a former sociopath/partner of Ms, who was supposed to be dead. He claimed to M that he “missed working with you.”  H said that he was now doing freelancing and had more business than he could handle. He had a job in Miami that he thought M might be interested in. It turned out that Larry wanted to pay M a lot of money to kill a lady. Apparently Larry didn’t have as much problem as M had to go through to obtain the MW burn dossier, because he said that he had read it and thought: “finally the kid gets it.” Believing that M had actually done all the things in the file, Larry now wanted to tap M as a partner. He wanted M to kill Jeanne Anderson, a cancer nurse who married one of her rich patients who had put her in his will and is now in a coma. Rather than refuse and watch the deal go down, M decided to  take the job and make it fail – hopefully also getting rid of Larry at the same time. In parting, Larry warned: “like always, if a cop gets within a mile of this, I kill everybody!” M asked Fiona to meet him, but when she came she brought her boyfriend, Campbell, who she was obviously fawning over to make Michael jealous. M asked her to help finding out who was paying for the hit Larry wanted him to do. Fiona went to meet Jeannie, the "hit" or "dead'ee" as Larry called them, at a charity event and manipulated her into the restroom where M could have a private talk with her. M explained that he had been hired to killer her, but wasn’t going to, and that Fiona would now be her protector/friend and stay with her. She told him that it must be Drew, her step son, who was very angry when she got written into the will.
Madeline appeared at the loft "bringing some left-overs" and saw Ms bruise from his previous fight with Seymour. When M said it was nothing, she flew in to her original purpose which was to whine about the “wall that you put up" and to get him in to counseling… AGAIN. This time with a different counselor. When M finally acquiesced she turned with a smirk and said 1 o’clock. Sam came with the military folder on Bill Johnson which he had obtained from a “buddy.”  Johnson had been a model marine for 20 years and a “big deal” sniper, but had been dishonorably discharged and now sublets a room in the house with the yappy dog. Back with Fiona, while searching Drew’s room, she planted a cell phone bug and was nearly caught. They then heard drew call his drug supplier and tell him that the hit couldn’t go down at the house because of Fiona. Obviously, Larry wasn’t the only hit-man that Drew had hired! Larry came to the loft and saw Sam, which didn’t set well. Sam told Larry that he still looked quite youthful – “still drinking the blood of children?” When Larry was told of the double booking, he picked up a screwdriver and flew into a rage, listing all the people who now had to die. M talked him into letting him convince Drew to call it off so that "if Jeannie lives the cops will never hear your name." Then M went to drew, using the cover ID of "Larry Sizemore," to put the scare of Bergeezus into him and get him to call off the two other people he had hired.
Madeline’s new therapist nearly put M to sleep with his blithering pontification; then, assigned them some “lifework” -- to "make a list of five things you are grateful to the other person for." Madeline thought that was a great idea, M was incredulous. M wanted to borrow his dad’s old gas company uniform, but, not finding it, eventually accepted Madeline’s suggestion that he use the "exterminator uniform instead" and tell the dog lady that "you have poisoned her lawn by mistake and now her dog is in danger." So that became the first thing on his lifework list: “mom set me up with a cover ID.” Sam put bugs in Bill Johnson’s room while M found a crossword puzzle code for “fourth floor conference room” that Carla must have sent him. Then, at Drew’s restaurant, M found him waiting with a gun behind a door, because he couldn’t call off one of the hits – a guy was on his way right then to kill her with a truck and had jammed her cell phone. M threatened to kill Drew right then but he begged to be allowed to run and never come back, to which M agreed. M stole a truck and headed to save both Fiona and Jeannie. He found the assassin in a dump truck, got in front of it and slammed on his brakes -- making the truck climb up on top of Ms truck. Seeing the crash, Fiona rushed tenderly to hold him. Larry was upset over M costing him a bunch of money but was impressed with the dump-truck stunt – "I’m a fan man," he said. “Maybe we’ll work together again,” he said. “Yea, maybe not,” M said. Larry said he had another gig in Buffalo and left; but, Drew called later and said that a man named “Michael Westen” had come by and said the hit was still ON and he’d better be ready with the money.
On their bug, they heard Bill Johnson make a date to meet someone Saturday at 1500, and ask if this was it and would he get his pension back. Sam said that it sounds like another play from Carla’s “do what we say or we’ll ruin your life” playbook. M realized that now he needed to do something permanent with Larry who had just robbed a pharmacy. From past experience with him, they knew Larry was going to try and poison Jeannie. At a banquet, Larry sprayed Atropine on Jeannie’s fork; but, Fiona was ready for him and wiped it off. Jeannie faked like she was having a heart attack and was picked up by Fiona’s boyfriend Campbell in a borrowed ambulance driven by Sam and his “buddy.” Meanwhile, Drew was making the money payoff at a place where M was going to take Larry out with a rifle. Instead, the idiot looked up at Ms position, which tipped Larry off. Larry then held Drew in front of him and M didn’t take the shot through Drew, who he knew Larry would probably kill anyway. Larry broke Drew’s neck and called M on the phone. He claimed that M just "couldn’t kill his old buddy," and then left.  Finally, at their next counseling session, Madeline got angry blustering that M "couldn’t even come up with 5 real things – no wonder why you ran away, I was such a bad mother." M said he didn’t run away, he joined the military when he was 17 because his dad had signed a form. Madeline finally revealed that it had been she who had forged his father’s name on the form, because she knew that if he didn’t go he would end up in jail, or worse. “I let you go,” she said, “because you needed to focus on something good.” M told her “thank you.”  Then, they followed Bill Johnson to his meeting and when they saw him use the badge that M had gotten Nefzi to duplicate, and the rifle that he had helped steal, Sam said that "Carla has turned you into the snipers personal shopper."

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