Burn Notice Seek and Destroy

Full Summary of Episode 24

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212 - Seek and Destroy (24)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season two episode 212
The episode began, as pretty much most of them seem to do, with Fiona ragging on Michael Westen about something. This time she was whining about “if we looked for everyone who tried to kill you, we’d do nothing else.” Apparently she is so self-centered that she thinks spending time with her is more important than trying to find out who is trying to kill him!  She and M were crashing a pool party at Seymour’s to find out more information about the bomber who had now tried to kill both M and Fiona. M told Fiona that if she wanted to talk about what happened the other night (sleeping together after she was almost killed) he would; but, she said “we were just blowing off steam, right?” When Seymour saw M he called: “Security” but by that time Fiona had his security guy on the ground. Then, when Seymour pulled a gun, M had to subdue him as well. Seymour agreed to help if M would teach him some of his moves, and with the anticipation that he and M would be a “team.” Seymour said he’d front the cash to find Poole and Fiona pointed M to a job that he could take under a cover ID, but saying that she expected a commission. Sam made M the cover ID of Miles Parker and he went to see what Scott Chandler, Fiona's job, needed. Chandler said that his art gallery phone had been tapped and that he needed to protect himself from spies.
Seymour found that Poole, the bomber, worked for the city during the day but also moonlighted for the Russian mob, where he was their “go-to” guy. Seymour couldn’t get an address but said that the guy had a girlfriend, Bianca, and he had told his bodyguard to plant a bug in her car.  M told him it was stupid to do it in front of the Russian mob and had to stop the bodyguard before he spooked the girlfriend. M surmised that Chandlers spy was coming in the back entrance with the cleaning crew. He found and disabled a computer key logger on Chandler's computer and stayed overnight in the office so he could catch Melanie, the secretary, when she came to fix it. Melanie told M that she was trying to locate her father’s stolen painting. Her father had been the famous artist, J.D. Blake, whose health was failing when he had struggled to paint "Lady in White" worth at least 7 million. Chandler kept badgering him to finish the painting, despite his ill health, so Blake had fired him as the agent. One night Blake was beaten to death and his place was burned, the painting gone – Melanie suspected Chandler had done it because she found that the painting was now being moved on the black market. M said that he would erase the security tape if her story checked out – which Sam found that it did. M used a homemade electromagnet and a car battery in a backpack to set on the surveillance computer and erase the hard drive. M then told Chandler that he was dealing with "someone very good" and that "it would get worse before it got better." Sam cross referenced Chandlers calendar, for the week back when Blake had died, with his phone records and came up with the name of Jacob Orr, a security consultant, who had already done a stint in prison for manslaughter.
Sam and Fiona went to plant a bug in Orr’s cell phone, but it didn’t go well and she had to clobber him. Sam figured out that M and Fiona were a sort of an "item” again, but M just changed the subject and Fiona said: “don’t look at me, he started it.” The bug revealed that Chandler had set up a holding company for the money, once they sold the painting, and that Orr was concerned someone had found them out. M went to Chandler feigning fear, and told Chandler that a man and a woman had broken into his place too, and demanded "what have you gotten me into?"  Chandler still wouldn’t admit anything about the painting, so M demanded access to his camera feeds.  They enabled him to break into Chandler's office and hunt for the painting. He still found nothing, except a hidden wall panel and an armored safe. Back with Seymour, he found the place where the bomber was hiding by following the girlfriend. The place was heavily booby trapped with motion detectors. While M was out scouting, Seymour talked to Fiona about her and M. “We’re in different spaces,” she told him. Seymour contradicted her and said that it was "karma" and they should "go with the flow of the universe." Chandler, on his own, set a trap for whoever was after him, and Melanie fell for it by going into the office on Saturday. She called M who told her that it must be a trap and to get out; but, Chandler was already in the parking lot. So M told her to quickly make a fake bomb and leave it wired to the front door. Then M called Chandler and told him too "that it must be a trap." He came to Ms office and they "found" Melanie’s fake bomb together, just as Fiona blew up Chandler's car. Finally, Chandler was so frightened that he admitted he had the "Lady in White" which M said they could trade for their lives.
While M was at Chandler's house, holding him at gun point and getting the painting, Sam was convincing Orr that Chandler had hired him to kill Orr. Orr went to Chandler's house and found him bleeding from where M had hit him. He demanded that Chandler give him the painting and then killed him. Later Orr was arrested trying to dump Chandler's body in the Miami River (wonder who notified them?) Melanie paid M for the job and gave him a small original painting that her father had painted especially for her when she was little. M, Fiona and Seymour went with "disrupter" shells to capture Poole. When M offered to get Poole and his girlfriend out of the country if he would tell them who had hired him to bomb the loft, Poole said that he had no name or address; but, he said, he had been wired $100,000 and had the account number it came from: 7595163003. M did keep his promise by having Seymour sent Poole to Suriname. As a “partnership present,” Seymour had made them all matching throwing daggers with the symbol for “destiny” on the handle. M told Fiona that the morning after we… ahh… you know... he brought her a Spanish omelet, egg whites only – her favorite; but, she had gotten up and left before he got back. She said that maybe the "next time I will have to stay."

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