Burn Notice Truth and Reconciliation

Full Summary of Episode 26

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214 - Truth and Reconciliation (26)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season two episode 214
The episode opens, as usual, with Fiona ragging on Michael Westen about what he is doing: going to meet and bribe a bank manager for information about the bomber. “I was warned by people not to see you,” he said. “Yea, and I almost blew off your hand with a block of C-4,” she countered. “And, I made a friend,” he said, “watch my back.” It became obvious to M that the man he was meeting, Gustavo, was an imposter; but, when M broke his arm in the knife fight and the guy fell over the railing – he could get no information from him. In the loft, while M was practicing moves to disarm a knife, Sam came in holding a huge fish saying that "you could use the protein" – and also that the real Gustavo had been found dead elsewhere. Fiona was supposed to find whoever had smuggled in the imposter assassin, and M told Sam he should "bring the fish to the Carlito and maybe they would cook it for you." As they left, on the stairs waiting for them was an old man, Claude Laurent, from Haiti who had "found someone who had worked with you before." He said that several years previously his daughter, Veronique, had been murdered by Jean-Pierre Duman who was now in Miami with a new name. He had a letter from a local government in Haiti that Duman should stand trial, but Sam told him that the letter wouldn’t work in an American court. Laurent asked “who is this man with the fish?” M turned down the job and Laurent claimed that M wasn’t an honorable man. Unhappy with Ms choice, Sam stared down M until he asked if Sam wanted him to check out Duman.  Sam then handed over addresses of where he found that Duman hung out.
Madeline called demanding that M come over because "there’s been a break-in." She was actually complaining about a tape-deck stolen from her car which she kept at Mrs. Gartelman’s. She was hoping that she and M "could work on this case together." He said he’d rather buy her a new radio; but, now the whole car needed re-wiring because his father had put it in himself. They found that Laurent was indeed correct and actually saw Duman masquerading as Luc Reynard at a club. Sam said Duman's father had been a regional governor before he had died. With Sam’s urging, M called Fiona to come and meet Duman -- which she did using her fluent French. They hoped to get into his secure house on Star Island and find something to prove his real identity. Fiona did get in and planted a bug; but Laurent showed up outside, thinking he was on his own, and began broadcasting through a megaphone. M needed to rescue him from being shot. M then told Laurent that he would take care of the problem, but Laurent refused to go home, only saying that he “understood” when M said it would be safer for him to go home. Sam found a connection between the Duman family and Flintwood Industries, who had built their prisons, and told M that the FBI had been nosing around them for years. So they decided to "inform" the FBI and Sam burst in on one of agent’s Lane and Harris' stakeouts giving them the whole dossier on Duman. M went to Duman under the cover ID of Owen Matthews, a “sanitizer” of sorts, who could help him clean up the trail to his past and claiming that he was doing it for Flintwood Industries which had led him to Duman. To sell his cover, he pointed to the two FBI agents who were now watching him from outside the bar.
Sam went to help Madeline rewire her car but she said that she was doing it for herself as well as looking into several neighborhood thefts; so she said that she only needed "a ride to her Partner-stretching class!" Their bug heard Duman saying that people knew his real name and that some men had traced Laurent to a downtown hotel. M raced to save Laurent, yet again, and had to back Duman down by showing that the complications of killing him would bring the whole world down on both him and Flintwood. He got an invite to Duman's house. Laurent said he still wasn't going to go away. He said that he had been a coward when his daughter needed him before, but “never again!”  So he was invited to stay at the loft – M realized that “with true believers one needed to either help or get out of the way,” and he wanted to keep an eye on him. The smuggler who Fiona went to meet, already knew who she was: “you set fire to Paco’s boat and you set fire to that guy’s place up in Boca.” She was able to fairly readily obtain the information that Gustavo had been brought in, paid cash, was dropped off at a storage unit and she got the address. Back with Madeline, she told M that she was rewiring the car by herself but whined about "what are you doing that is more important than going to look at mug shots with me?" Unexpectedly, he cowed her by saying “helping a man find justice for his murdered daughter.” She said “well, you let me know if I can help.”
Back with Fiona at the imposters storage unit, she told M that he should consider living in one of those storage units because "it would be a step up." She notified the storage company that Gustavo had passed away and that they’d be coming after hours to check the unit. Back with M, Duman showed M his documents from the old days which would need "cleaning"; but then said that his father wanted to meet him first - it turned out that he had faked his own death and another man had been buried in his place. M had to jump out a window in order to escape when Duman Sr. Said that "nobody at Flintwood Industries never heard of you." So, the only thing left to do was to capture Jean-Luc and take him back to Haiti where he would be recognized. Fiona was able to get him to an apartment where she drugged him and they were able to drop him over the balcony through the break-away roof of a truck they had borrowed. Sam got Harris and Lane to “unofficially” make sure that Laurent and Duman were able to get back to Haiti without being stopped by the Coast Guard. Being in trouble, Jean Pierre turned on his father before he left so daddy Duman also was sent back. And finally, using himself for bait, M and Fiona went to the storage shed as they had previously announced.  As anticipated, they found someone lying in wait to kill M; but, got the drop on him and gave chase, only to find that it was… Victor.

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