Burn Notice Do No Harm

Full Summary of Episode 22

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210 - Do No Harm (22)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season two episode 210
“Work long enough (as a spy) and the line to kill you gets pretty long,” Michael Westen said in voice-over “Still, getting blown up isn’t something that you get used to.” Sam shook Ms unconscious body awake, it was on the ground where he had bounced after hitting his car’s roof. He had been unconscious for about 20 minutes and Sam had to out-run Carla’s goons in his new car by crashing through some scaffolding. Still being hunted, they tried to keep moving on foot but his post-assassination, adrenaline, hyper-awareness made him spot a guy who was about to kill himself by running into a bus. Of course, they had to take the guy, Kenny, back home where he revealed that he had a son who had a heart condition, had blown all his money in a drug scam and now couldn’t afford a real treatment. M offered to help him which blew Sam’s mind. Sam told M, “I know you, if it hadn’t been this guy it would have been someone else.” “I’m running on fumes here Sam, this is all I’ve got,” M replied. They spotted one of Carla’s goons tailing them so M picked up a rock and went to greet him in order to have it out with Carla. Sam threw up his arms in disgust and M next appeared wearing a black hood and bound to a chair. He eventually screamed at Carla that "I'm flattered that you think me so devious that I would blow himself up.!" He yelled: "I want my brother out of jail" and "I want my life back." As though she had a stench under her nose she screwed up her face in disgust and only said: “we’ll be in touch.”
Fiona went to check the explosive signature of the bomb and Sam found that the medical scammers had gotten their leads from a source at a Coral Gables clinic. Sam posed as a patient with a liver problem trying to bribe the receptionist into fitting him into the appointment schedule; and Fiona posed as an additional scammer who sold him Apatadine out of her trunk. The real medical scammers were watching and sent Todd, their enforcer, to deal with the unwanted competition. M posing as Donnie, Fiona's partner, put Todd in Fiona’s trunk. Then Sam set up an empty-for-remodeling building for interrogation, saying that his buddy was the building manager and they could use it. Doing the interrogation, Sam cut his own thumb with a knife to impress Todd that he was nuts so he would spill the beans. Todd said that a guy named Phillip, who hangs out at a bar named Teasey’s, had hired him for muscle. While Kenny made treatment arrangements M took Jack, his son, to Madeline’s for babysitting. Madeline put out her cigarette just long enough to go find some of Ms old toys for Jack to play with, "if they haven't been blown up or taken apart" – giving M a scowl as she did it. Fiona decided that she would make M beg too, by claiming that she was supposed to meet Campbell her new boyfriend. Eventually Fiona agreed to stay with Madeline in order to keep them safe from Carla.
They ID'd Phillip at Teasey’s and took him to their interrogation building to be with Todd. Sam overheard the two talking about their "lady boss" who would be worse on them than M would if they talked. So… M and Sam played “who talks first” by tossing Todd out the window tied to a chair, which got Phillip to spill the beans about their boss, Rachel. Phillip was coerced to make an introduction for M and Fiona as Donnie and Kate, two new medical scammers to the area.  Carla called M back to her hideout, apparently worried about being targeted by the bomber as well. She told M that “they” wanted M to work to “catch the bomber” with the idea that whoever it was might take another shot at M. M said he wanted his brother out of jail and she agreed, then smirked that M could go back to his “side-job” and that he should “say hello to all the desperate little people for me.” M called Fiona for help but she said she was playing army men with Jack. Fiona and M met with Rachel in order to ostensibly “co-exist” in the scam market. However, as brain dead as some of their clients, Fiona picked a fight with Rachel and blew the deal, just after Rachel had bragged about her last deal buying a house in Keystone Island.
Completely exhausted M sent Fiona home and didn’t see any other alternative for them than to go to Carla and ask for money because she had offered it before. Sam, however, stood in front of the door and wouldn’t let him do it. M shoved him, Sam shoved back and M clobbered him. Sam said that he was going to stand there and take it, "until you get your head back in the game." M eventually backed down. M had the idea to recruit Campbell’s ambulance in order to make a run in Keystone Island with its sirens going, while M called Rachel on her phone.  That way Fiona and Campbell could triangulate her position using the sound of the siren. While in the ambulance, Campbell said that he had had enough and broke up with Fiona. He said that he was "just the guy you fool around with and borrow ambulances from,” but M was “the important one in your life.” M then called to make Rachel a new offer, she was to give them $250,000 and clear out.  Then he and Sam played like they shot Todd and Phillip over the phone, in order to convince her. She still refused but they were able to get her address from the triangulation and went to captured her just as she was leaving. Threatening her by shooting at her, they made her tell where her money was and then call the cops to confess and go to jail instead of being shot. “You better make it stick,” they said, “because when you get out…” they shot the wall behind her head.
M gave Kenny more money than he needed and Kenny gave M a drawing that Jack made of M and Fiona together. Fiona told M that the explosion in his loft had been caused by a professional; but, she said, they couldn’t go out the front door after they had set the bomb. M concluded that he could scan the security cameras of surrounding businesses. Then, he found that Carla had broken into the loft and had helped herself to one of his yogurts. He told her that the explosion had been done by amateurs, but she didn’t believe him and said that she expected results. He noticed that Carla was doing her own errands now and she replied: “exceptional times call for exceptional measures.”
The boy Jack in this episode was played by the show creator, Matt Nix's, real life son.

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