Burn Notice Bad Breaks

Full Summary of Episode 25

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213 - Bad Breaks (25)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season two episode 213
Sam was a little more than pissed that Michael Westen was taking Barry to the Chadwick for lunch; but, it was because the money launderer had tracked down the bank account in the Cayman Islands which had paid the bomber of Ms apartment. “The enemy of my enemy may be my friend,” seems to be Ms motto these days. However, it was obvious from the way Barry was acting that he was wearing a wire – which, indeed was attached to Jason Bly on the other end. Bly had caught Barry illegally looking into a bank account which had a trail back to MW, so he figured that was enough of a club to enable him to relieve himself of the blackmail threat that MW had over him. Bly said: “Barry is the brick that I will tie around your neck before I throw you into the ocean.” So, before M even had the chance to argue with Fiona about shooting Bly, the guy had Ms loft quarantined as a toxic mold biohazard. In fact he confiscated everything M owned except for the bag of clothes that he had packed for M which, he said, “looked like he dressed as an Easter egg.” M had to ask to stay at Madeline’s and funny thing, she just happened to have another “friend” that needed a problem solved. Paula Foster had met a guy on the internet, Tom Prescott, who had begun stalking her even where she worked (an appointment-only private bank and safe deposit company). She gave M the guys dating profile and address, but the whole thing turned out to be bogus. Sam was helping M but kept talking about his new “woman of my dreams,” Angela, who had a beach house in Antigua with a quad keg-erator. Paula called M and urgently said that Prescott was outside her bank, so M ran right over. Funny thing, Bly showed up at the bank as well, with demands and threats.
M sat Bly down, heart-to-heart style and said: “Do you really want to do this Bly? Do you really want to go nuclear?” – Just as Prescott and his team burst in saying "this is a bank robbery!" Prescott blocked everyone's cell phones and herded them into the conference room. Bly and M definitely had different styles of dealing with issues – M said to wait, Bly got shot in the arm attempting to disarm a guard. M pretended to be a doctor and began his long string of sabotage on the crooks. He first began by figuring out how to remove the bullet from Bly's arm. M was told where the building's data server was and set one of the captives to cutting through a wall into the next room. He coerced a guard to let him search for medical supplies, then slipped into the data room and used the network cabling on a cell phone to overpower the jamming and alert Sam and Fiona. He asked them to blow a hole in the building into the room that they were cutting into. He also gathered alcohol and several drugs, some of which he slipped into one of the robbers Red Bull drink. He also slipped a matchstick into a power hammer. Ms call to Sam came while Sam was dining with his new love and she was telling him about how she had streamlined her life down to only 7 beach houses in order to get rid of any stress. Sam had to leave their date, telling her point blank that he had to go rescue his buddy from a bank heist. As M was disinfecting Bly’s arm, he said that the green chair in loft that Bly had cut up – "was my favorite!"  Back with Sam, of course Fiona argued with Sam about M calling Sam first instead of her.
M had just finished sewing up Bly’s arm when Prescott wanted him downstairs to attend to the air hammer injury of a robber’s leg. M asked to use their liquid nitrogen gun and when Bly wasn’t looking froze the inside of his gun. Prescott was called to the conference room because they found the attempt to cut through the wall. Bly stepped in and admitted that he was the one that had the scissors, so the “civilian” wouldn’t get into shot. Prescott pointed his gun at Bly to shoot him, but it blew up in his hand. Then Prescott ordered another goon to shoot Bly, but M stood in front of him saying if Prescott wanted M to save his life he needed to back off.  They began putting all the hostages downstairs in the vault, intending that they should die. M heard one of them say that they were "running 20 min behind, should we call the boat." That meant that they needed a plan "B."  M had Bly collapse in the doorway to the data room in order to buy time so that he could make another call to Sam. He told Sam to call off the explosion and to listen to radio frequencies to see if something could be done about the boat. On the way downstairs to the vault, M jammed the elevator door with a door stop so it would look broken. Back with Sam, Fiona was still whining and Sam had to tell her: “sure, lets get M and all the hostages killed just because you have the attention span of a three year old.” While Prescott was screaming from the alcohol poured on his wound, and complaining about a “cursed bank,” M stole a wrench then asked if he needed any pain meds.  He went upstairs to get more bandages.
Sam called Angela while he was waiting with Fiona and asked her for a date later that night. Angela said that she would cancel her other plans just as Sam needed to hang up. Some cops showed up outside the bank, so Fiona stayed to distract the cops and Sam went to track down the getaway boat. Fiona stole a street vendors tip jar and made a scene. Meanwhile inside the bank, M got the pain meds he had given to Bly and slipped him the wrench. M gave Prescott Pilocarpine pills to sort of poison him, but he wouldn’t take them unless M took some first. So M took some, then later went to the kitchen to throw them up. While there, the robber with the Red Bull mixed with medicine told M about his funny symptoms, and while checking him M knocked him out and took his almost empty gun. Sam did find the getaway boat and when M called again they decided to do “Operation Quicksilver” like they did once before.  While on the boat dock, Sam answered his cell phone and it was Angela who said that she was just trying to leave a message about breaking up with him. While he was trying to talk her out of it by saying his life was really calm and stress free, he was capturing the boat-driver crook. He had to tell Angela that she was probably right, his life was too fast paced for her, then took it out on the crook. M came to tell Prescott that his man "had a stroke in the kitchen" just as Sam forced the boat-crook to call on the radio and pretend that he was being killed by a psyco-man. Then Sam came on the radio and claimed to be the "owner of the bank" who was now after them. M embellished that he recognized the voice, and said that the guy had once made him try to save another robber so he would take longer to die.
Bly knocked out the basement guards with the wrench and Fiona blew up their getaway truck which was parked outside. The other crooks began to mutiny against Prescott, so he shot them. Prescott defiantly walked out the door and into the hands of police who Fiona had called. M walked back into the bank and sat down exhausted next to Bly, in the same seats they were having their previous heart-to-heart in. "Where were we," one of them said. "I think we were just agreeing to ruin each others lives." Bly said that he was going to the emergency room and then would take care of the thing with the loft and with Barry. M asked, "as long as you are in a helpful mood" could Bly find out the name of who owned the account that he was trying to have Barry track. M gathered up all his blackmail papers that he had on Bly from Madeline’s stove broiler – knowing she’d never use it. Not needing to stay at Madeline's any more he began to leave. Madeline looked disappointed and said that she was going to order take-out; so, M decided that he could stay the night. M told Barry that everything was OK now and that the next time he was wearing a wire he should give him a signal by "offering to pay for lunch." Sam and Fiona were still arguing over who was more important to M and who did the most work; so. M had to admit that he had really called Fiona first. "But you didn’t answer so I called Sam, who I will be calling first from now on." Back at the loft M taped up his cut chair then triumphantly set down in it.  Bly looked at his blackmail papers and said that “this would be a Good Michael Westen story if people were allowed to tell Michael Westen stories.” Bly said the Cayman Island account M wanted to know about was just a number, no attached name, and that it had a “tripwire” which had been tripped so now, whoever it is, “knows you’re coming.”

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