Burn Notice Bloodlines

Full Summary of Episode 64

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502 - Bloodlines (64)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season five episode 502
Fiona and Michael enjoyed some government funded R&R in Costa Rica by chasing each other at high speed through the forest on motorcycles. After being beaten once again, Fiona was doing her tiresome Klingon thing on Michael until being broken up by soldiers notifying them that M was wanted back in Miami by Max for an "official government gig" – babysitting a British nuclear scientist, Carson Huxley, at a technical conference where he habitually cheated on his wife, thereby opening himself up for blackmail. M was to "chaperone the drunk and make sure he doesn't get lucky." Max took the first shift, M the second and, when he found himself sucked into one of Jesse's jobs, M had Fiona substitute for the third. Fiona scared the ber-jesus out of Huxley with a 130 MPH, eyes-closed, "tell me when to turn" race through freeway traffic and an attempt to commandeer his cell phone in order to call his wife about "finding our soul-mates." Jesse appeared with a client in the midst of all this and pathetically acted high-and-mighty when M didn't drop everything and help. Sam and Fiona met with Ryoko who explained that her parents had called from Japan to tell her that her cousin had been lured, along with several other village girls, by gangsters promising them a free trip to America. One of the captives had already been killed after an abortive phone call which allowed Jesse to trace the signal back to a Miami hotel. They discovered the Yakuza gangster Takeda poolside but he was tipped off and ran before they could confront him. Unfortunately for him, Takeda ran into the path of Jesse's car and broke his hip and arm so was captured for interrogation.
Being a bit over their heads, Sam called for M who also found that Sam had already brought Madeline in to act as "nurse" for Takeda's wounds. As expected, she had to over-ride Ms objections for her involvement; but he warned her that it wouldn't be pleasant for her. Takeda merely laughed at Ms attempt to frighten him by revealing that once he had fallen asleep at his post so punished himself by cutting off one of his finger tips. Madeline, however, didn't laugh when M channeled his wife-beating father in order to "sell it" to Takeda. She came out of the room trembling so bad that M had to light her cigarette for her. M called Sugar to bring him some injectable pain meds and had to slam the door on him when Sugar kept calling him "Mikey." When Madeline went in to give Takeda the pain shot he refused to take it and asked her to join him in escaping. She agreed, much to Ms angst.  When she ignored him, M shook her to tell her "No"; but, she backed him down telling him that "you can play your father in there, but not out here." They pretended that Madeline had drugged M and locked him in a closet in order that she and Takeda could escape with a cell phone on conference call taped inside the car. Jesse and Fiona feigned trying to intercept them, M shot at their rear light, then Sam and M did a drive-by in order to get Takeda to decide to tell Madeline where his accomplices were, along with the password, ostensibly so that she could go get them and bring them back. Once he did, however, M and Sam pulled up and had Madeline hold Takeda at gunpoint while they went and rescued the kidnapped girls.  M gave the password through the door; then, told the three gangsters that he knew Takeda had been captured – because he was the one who captured him. Surprising them from behind, Sam asked "what's Japanese for drop your weapon" and Jesse said "this" while he cocked his shotgun. Fiona said "no this" and slugged one with her gun. We found that there was a whole room full of kidnapped girls… and that M can speak Japanese.
Jesse said that his company allowed him some cash for expenses and offered it to M who gallantly told him to keep it. Madeline said that M had never paid her before for all the help she had given him, so took the money then gave most of it back to M saying "use this to fix up your dad's charger." M told her that "maybe it's time to just leave the past in the past." Madeline countered with: "maybe it's time to just stare the past down and deal with it Michael. It happened. For better or for worse. It made us who we are." Max had to have a "talk" with M about the report he filed on his Huxley mission. Max said that he "wasn't sure he liked an ex-IRA operative's appearance in the second act" but did agree that she had gotten the job done – "she scared him celibate, yes she did." He advised that two cardinal rules of "this government secret agent thing" is that: "it is secret" and "you're the agent, not your girlfriend." Then he apparently felt so bad about chastising M that he gave him an improvisational jazz CD as a present. Later when Fiona came to the loft, M said he wanted to talk and asked her to move in with him, promising to make some shelves for her snow globes.
After the debacle that was the season premier written by Matt Nix, this episode written by Alfredo Barrios Jr., was at least one of, if not the, best of the entire series to date. Although the rescue of captive girls from human traffickers has been a bit overused, the interplay between Madeline and Michael and the bringing to the light of day the effects of old family wounds was sheer mastery of the craft! Not only was it a sensitive and intense screenplay about the effects of spouse abuse, but exposed the aftermath which lingers well into adulthood. The episode seemed to be a "perfect storm" where the writer, the director and both actors all had a personal understanding of the topic and brought it to the screen in a sheer masterful manner. It is the single best character development episode for Michael and Madeline that we have seen; and, as long as were at it, how refreshing it is to have a government-type character who isn't portrayed as an self-centered, arrogant bully!  It almost makes one want to hold their breath for fear that it may all disappear.

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