Burn Notice Besieged

Full Summary of Episode 69

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507 - Besieged (69)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season five episode 507
Fiona was doing her least favorite activity with Sam, surveillance on Jacob Starkey who had set up Michael Weston for murdering Max, when they saw a gang coming to kill the guy.  Sam broke in to Jacob's house before the gang got there and found him to be the absolute weeny that they had seen over the past two days – a guy who still had his Christmas lights up in July and who was reading about raising llamas. Sam sent him out the back door to the "tiny little woman in the Hyundai who is going to protect you" and he drove Jacob's truck out through the garage door. Michael wasn't too happy when he returned from a two hour meeting with CIA Agent Pierce, who was going to Egypt, to find that Fiona had brought Jacob to the loft… with his dog. Jacob claimed he had done some "odd jobs for some mystery man who contacted him over the internet and then delivered unmarked packages (drugs) in Overtown." "Whoever used Jacob to set you up is trying to get rid of him," Fiona said. Jacob whined that he had been mailed money then texted the next gig and now his only way of contacting the guy was on the phone back at his house. Fiona and Jesse went to retrieve it only to find the Latino gang inhabiting the house and that Fiona had miscounted "because there were four dudes in there not three and the fourth looked like he might have eaten the fifth." Fiona made Jacob call the mystery man and she had to write him a script which he barely was able to read into the answering machine. The guy texted back and said he would meet Jacob at Hurricane Cove Marina. Jacob asked Michael for his clothes back after he was done with them and Michael frankly  told him: "No." When Michael got to the boat, he got another text to just go ahead and take the boat to Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas. Michael found a bomb wired to the engine: "four pounds of C4 wired to a trigger mechanism wired to a depth finder." He sent Sam a photo of the bomb from his phone then rigged the boat to drive out of the harbor before jumping overboard. As they watched, the boat blew up.
Photo in Burn Notice : Besieged episode 507
Michael met Sam at the Carlito and found him drinking iced tea to keep a clear head. He wanted Michael to help him do a favor for his new girlfriend; namely, to go retrieve her girlfriend's son from her "ex" who hadn't brought the boy back from a weekend visit. Mike, being an ex-ranger, was to go talk to John whose brother, also a ranger, had been killed, sending John off the deep end and into "survival mode." They found John's house completely fortified and Sam admitted that he had hadn't told Michael everything; but, said he had brought a tracker to plant on the guy's truck if things didn't go well… which, surprise, they didn't. Michael had nearly talked John into putting his gun down when Sam tripped an alarm snooping in the garage and John fled with Tommy. Michael had to convince both the mother and Madeline that they shouldn't call the police "because there would be violence." Then she revealed that Tommy was asthmatic and his inhaler was nearly empty, which gave Michael an excuse to call and talk to John again. Michael asked Madeline to: "keep her calm, she…" "married the wrong man," Madeline finished, "I know something about that." John had gone to a survivalist compound where Sam told him that having "no way to get in clean wasn't the bad news." The bad news was "Zacharia, the ENIC – extremist nutbag in charge." The ATF was investigating them for stealing C4 from the forest service. Michael called John and fanagled a meeting while Sam could go crack their propane tank's line with liquid nitrogen. Zacharia did turn out to be an arrogant, horse's butt and spouted idiotic philosophy before ramming Michael with his gun. Their gas supply was drained and Fiona now was to do a "Trojan Horse" play and hang onto the supply truck as it delivered replacement propane. Unfortunately, Zacharia seemed to have been tipped off and Fiona had to drop onto the road to escape; but, only after Mike shot the tanker and caused a fireball.
Jesse spotted low pointing satellite dishes and surmised that Zacharia had stolen some military eaves-dropping technology. Michael devised a plan to drawn them out of the compound by faking a cell phone call which Zacharia could intercept claiming that he was going to begin staging for an assault on the compound at a distant cabin. When Zacharia fell for it and was pre-emptively filling the cabin with bullet holes, they instead broke into the compound only to find John tethered to a bed with a broken leg and Tommy ostensibly "fainted" from fright. Michael convinced him to give up Tommy but John claimed he was going to stay to "cover your escape." Tommy, fortuitously woke up just in time for John to claim "everything I do is for you." Michael debriefed the mother that John had checked himself into a hospital and Zacharia had been rounded up by the ATF and was headed for prison. Michael told her that Tommy "will be ok because he has a mom that loves him… he'll be fine."
This episode had an interesting premise; but, Mr. O'Neill must also write for the "soaps" because some plot points and dialog were way to "contrived" and hokey. Acting, photography and casting were good if it just wasn't for the weak script. Jacob was such an over-the-top pathetic twit that he was unbelievable. Tommy was conviently asleep or passed out most of the show and apparently had no medical consultant to tell him how to act the part of asthma. As usual, not a lot of time, money or expertise was spent on special effects.

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