Burn Notice No Good Deed

Full Summary of Episode 66

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504 - No Good Deed (66)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season five episode 504
Decked out in a rented tuxedo Michael Weston met Max, his CIA "handler," at a high class fund raiser for marine animals in order to help with a last minute job dealing with an attempt by a foreign government to "steal tech secrets from the Swede's." Gunther Ehren, the owner of JetSwede a high end aeronautics company, was at the conference carrying a bright orange note-pad computer that contained a complete data dump of all his companies records – actually packing it around with him in his hands… a tech thief's dream. Max said they were at the event to plant a tracker on whoever tried, or actually did, steal Ehren's computer. While they were waiting, M asked Max if he had read the four page document he had sent about all the inconsistencies he had found in their take-down of "the Organization." Not unexpectedly, Max gave him grief about playing "the boy who cried 'shouldn't-we-triple-check-this' because people will start thinking you are a nut." When a man and woman actually did a bump-and-switch on Ehren, M was there to do a roust-and-plant on the thief. True to character, self-centered Fiona ragged on M while they were fixing the Charger until M finally told her he was "dropping it." Madeline burst in, heard the car crank, off-handedly advised that it needed a new distributer and said Barry and his brother were in the kitchen asking for their help. Fiona went in to see what they wanted while M went to see Max. Barry's brother Paul said that someone had used his key codes to steal the Dade County Teachers Credit Union computer sever and all their account information – obviously trying to blame it on him. It was encrypted but wouldn't take long until all the teachers information could be hacked. Fiona said they would help, but was annoyed by the two's constant bickering.
Max met M at his office in the FDA building and gave him a temporary access card to the doors. He revealed that the thief had been tracked to Vaxilar Investments, a French government shell company – "the frogs are behind the whole thing." The CIA now wanted them to go steal the information from the "frogs" by somehow getting past a bevy of heat sensors. M said they should raise the temperature of the room and Max groused "you make it look too easy, Weston." Sam initially refused to help Fiona with Paul's problem claiming that: "I'm not a big Barry fan" and that his new hotel-owner girlfriend, Elsa, was returning from a trip and expected her "boy toy" to be there. He relented when Fiona grabbed his thigh and threatened to claim she was "your hot new fling." Jesse had uncovered information that Griffin Kehl, aka Gilbert McCauley, had gotten a job as a janitor at the credit union just before the theft and was now skipping town. Kehl had many outstanding warrants for crimes of the type which told them he was not the "brains of the outfit" and merely a hired hand. Unfortunately, the guy looked like "someone should call the zoo because a frickin' grizzly just escaped." Sam and Jesse did try to grab him but were thrown through the wall then swung around like rag dolls until Fiona came in with her bean-bag rounds and shot him in the groin – although not before missing once and hitting Sam. Kehl was blackmailed into introducing M to Eve, the person who had hired him, as a potential hacking client. She did meet with "Baxter" and agree to Ms job but evaded Fiona and Madeline's tail back to her hideout. M had to ask Max for help in finding Eve and did so while they were breaking into Vaxilar's air conditioning system to make the room hot. Only reluctantly, Max agreed but warned that when he got the address "Michael Weston, soon to be reinstated agent of the CIA goes nowhere near said address." When Fiona, Sam and Jesse went to Eve's address, they found nothing except some shredded papers in the garbage and had to evade the police in order to escape.  Jesse used his computer programs to piece together Eve's shredded phone bill and found that she had been calling Dean Myers who ran an Atlanta syndicate – obviously the person who had hired Eve for the job. M and Max were able to break in to steal the data which the French government had stolen. While there, they bantered about helping each other find the address. Max said (according to the sub-titles) "happy to help… whenever I can" although it actually sounded like "never again."
Photo in Burn Notice : No Good Deed episode 504
M then had to hire Eve to additionally decrypt the file and demanded to be present to see that she hadn't kept any data for herself. Eve discovered that the escrow account M had Barry set up was fake, so she captured M, drugged him, then tortured him with a plastic bag over his head in order to find out who he worked for. She did fall for Ms scam that he was actually working for Dean Myers, the man who had hired her to steal the server, in order to double-cross her. M told her where "Chuck Finley" would be, so she arrogantly went to blackmail them into helping her take down Myers – of course that meant she had to give them the address of her lair. M gave them coded words to tell them what he was doing and that they should blow up Eve's computers. After they took down Myers, Fiona was able to plant the bomb in Eve's Jeep before being told to zip-tie themselves. Eve told M that she had lied and was really going to kill him; but Fiona triggered the bomb allowing them to get the drop on her and hog-tie her for when the police came. When Fiona took the burned server pieces back to Paul he gave her a distributor which would work on Ms '73 Charger – sort of a payment. Barry even told her to have M say thanks to the CIA for him and she replied "you're just lucky he's working with one of the good guys… who's actually a good guy." Unfortunately, when M went back to Max's office he found him lying on the floor shot and dying. Instead of answering who had done it, Max said "my wife's going to be pissed… say goodbye for me." M heard someone leaving so he picked up the gun on the floor and gave chase without success. M returned shots twice but discovered that the assailant had only been shooting blanks. He called Fiona then wiped fingerprints down and stole the access logger chip. The police came and began securing the building but Fiona arrived in the Charger, shot a life-line to the roof and helped M escape after he rappelled down. Sam discovered that someone had planted a box of bullets in Ms car to frame him and said that they needed to do something about the fun, get an alibi for him and get in front of this. M agreed and said that the only thing Max had told him was to go say "goodbye to his wife."
Actually a very good episode although the anger and torture written for the Eve character was more over-the-top than would be tolerable for the lead characters on more than a very rare basis. It's interesting that even though there is a lot of mayhem all around most of the time, there is little actual injury and no actual torture visually inflicted even on bad guys. Nix stepped over the line with the torture that Eve was allowed to perpetrate on Michael. It was good to see Barry again and learn a bit about his back-story. None of us can say that Max's death was unexpected – that's what Nix pulls on us regularly; however, it is an exasperating story line that M was just being shown a bit of respect and credibility to have it pulled away again. We would have all been very happy to have come back from the hiatus with M still on the "outside" and watched as he slowly was able to help the CIA take down the Organization whether they wanted it or not. To vacillate back and forth like this seems a bit like the writers can't make up their mind.

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