Burn Notice Eye For An Eye

Full Summary of Episode 71

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509 - Eye For An Eye (71)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season five episode 509
While Sam merely watched, Michael Weston loaded the trunk of his car in order to chase a lead on the bomb-maker that tried to blow up Jacob – who had been duped into framing Mike for Max's murder. Staking out the bomb maker's shop in Tallahassee, Sam wolfed down three doughnuts in a row claiming that he had to eat quick while his new girlfriend wasn't around. Lucien Ballans, the clock-making, former war criminal in hiding, arrived at his store and Sam was upset because he came before he had a chance to get some cheese-fries. Michael said: "We're not waiting around all day to give him a chance to figure out somebody's watching him." Playing like they had some clocks for him to look at, they still didn't fool Lucien and were nearly electrocuted in a trap except Mike noticed the iron grate just in time. Sam had used the name Lucien when, for years, he's been known as Luca. They took him to an abandoned shed and strapped him to a chair to interrogate him. Eating the carrot sticks that they offered, he made up fictitious information about customers for days until they decided to have Fiona come up and go through his apartment for extra clues. She couldn't stay longer than to rag on Michael for missing their date to the LaForge because she was helping Jesse with a security gig. They went through all his papers in front of him watching for a "tell" when they read something that he didn't want them to. He finally blinked over a newspaper article about a running marathon and eventually discovered that the article had been written by Lucien's daughter under a pseudonym. Every time they had something to do Sam called "not it" so he could rub oil on Elsa's sunburn, until Fiona came to get Michaels help with their job. They found Lucien's daughter Danika and threatened him with having her deported from Atlanta; so, he finally told them about his friend Christian Pavel who only can be contacted at Connie's Café in Orlando, they were to talk to Nicolai the cook. At the cafe, Sam was told that Nikolai had quit a week ago so he left his cell number and got his cheese-fries. Mike told Lucien he'd need to think of another way to get hold of Pavel or his daughter was going to be shipped back.   
Photo in Burn Notice : Eye For An Eye episode 509
Sadie, the wife of James Forte of HLX Medical Technologies called Jesse because for a couple of nights her intuition told her that things in her house had been moved although the alarm had never gone off. James berated her for her worries, and Fiona for her brusqueness, so they offered to stay with them in the guest house for a night or two.  Fiona groused about not wanting to guard an "egomaniacal bastard" and Jesse was explaining how famous James was for developing ground-breaking anti-viral medicines, as the alarm in the big house went off. They startled a guy going through drawers in the study but he wouldn't put his hands up. Instead he told him that James had stolen his invention, his company and his wife by setting him up on drug charges in South America. Jesse had already heard about Dan Tesmond and Fiona just had to help him escape from the police who were coming in order to hear the rest of the story. After extracting himself from the Forte's, Jesse arrived at the loft and exclaimed "Oh, Fiona let you live. That's a good sign." Dan was the one who actually created the anti-viral and wanted to go public with it to save lives. James was greedy and wanted to patent it so paid a judge to make the charges stick, until Dan paid off a guard to fake his own death. There were also rushed medical trials, victims silenced with hush money and lawsuits against anyone who spoke out.  Dan wanted to get into HLX to obtain the sequences so he could have them generically produced and drive James out of business. They devised a plan to get James to want them for heightened security and eventually get the sequences from inside HLX. Ross, head of security, was an arrogant Little Lord Fauntleroy and told Jesse to go keep a coffee house secure; so, Jesse decided to take him down a notch.
Photo in Burn Notice : Eye For An Eye episode 509
Jesse corralled HLXs security while Michael calmly walked in to the parking garage behind their backs. He set up several cars to explode then trapped Forte in his car playing the role of a deranged man whose mother had been killed by the companies medicine. Michael promised Forte that he would "suffer every moment of every single day just like I do." Michael fled just as Ross and his gang showed up so Forte fired all but Ross and gave Jesse full and complete access, then told him that "until that psycho is behind bars you're not leaving my side." They convinced Forte that they should install armored window glass on the weekend and hid Michael inside the stack with safe cracking tools. Ross had surreptitiously installed extra cameras and caught someone going into the labs. Sam warned Mike to get out before Ross got there and Mike decided to trash the lab and take Ross hostage. With a bomb strapped to Ross's chest, Mike spoke to Forte who was watching on closed circuit TV and told him "welcome to hell" then escaped. Forte decided to move the research to a bank vault up in Palm Beach with an armored truck; so, they decided to intercept the truck. They set up a road block and when the truck stopped Jesse planted a fake bug in Ross's car in order to discredit him. He convinced Forte to extract the research and let him personally take it to the bank vault. Oops, they made a quick stop under a bridge where Mike and Dan were waiting. Forte bad-mouthed Sadie when he didn't know she was standing behind him and was obviously unable to "work a deal" with Dan. At the Carlito Dan told them that the board of director's may be on his side now and Fiona said that Forte was looking at "five to ten for conspiracy." Jesse said that he was stiffing him on his fee.
Lucien eventually told them that the trip to the diner he sent them on was a distress call and that "now my friend has come to rescue me. If you  let me go, maybe I'll tell Christian to let one of you live." Instead, Pavel began pumping shells into the shack which hit Lucien. Just before he died, Lucien extracted a promise that his daughter would be left alone and disclosed that his friend needed a bomb so he made it. He said the guy was located at a warehouse in Wentword at the end of Burgen Road and asked Mike to "put a bullet in him." Sam contrived a diversionary explosion out of some old tanks, which allowed them to escape.

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