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Full Summary of Episode 68

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506 - Enemy Of My Enemy (68)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season five episode 506
In voice-over Michael Weston explained the historical uses of "look-alikes" while Sam, Fiona and Madeline watched the commandeered security tape of someone going to a lot of trouble framing him for buying a cell phone used at a murder scene. "This is getting personal," Sam offered. "It's been personal," M responded "since Max bled out in my arms and told me to go say goodbye to his wife." As he was saying he would buy some more time from Agent Pearce, his new handler, she called with a new "high-priority" CIA mission. Her source inside a Serbian syndicate revealed that the group was going to buy a stolen predator drone from a Miami arms dealer – tomorrow. M jumped right on it and scaled the balconies of a hotel to the sixth floor, blew out the glass and got the drop on the courier when he rushed out with his gun. They were too late, the deal had already gone down. Pearce had to fight with her piss-ass "bosses" [one called Menaro] who wanted to get her source outed and killed by rounding up some Serbians for interrogation. M listened to her fume without success then she revealed this had happened to her once before on an 'op in Paris in '03. A scientist, Jansen Tunberg, was an asset who was killed by her bosses impatience and 'outing' him. She was to have married him after the mission but instead buried him. She was going to merely acquiesce to Menaro's incompetence then M offered to retrieve the drone for her without CIA involvement. Surveilling the nasty Serbians at a restaurant, they realized they needed an army to get the drone back and the only one they knew about with an army of his own was Carmelo, the second largest heroin dealer in Miami, who M had met before. And the only way they could figure out to turn Carmelo onto the Serb's was to steal a heroin shipment and plant Sam so he could turn Carmelo onto the Serbs. Of course Fiona gave her obligatory indignant disagreement but said "ok" when Sam agreed that it was the only way. Of course she spent the rest of the episode ragging, whining and blaming M for it, even to Madeline. Fiona went to their friend Sugar and scammed him away from some girls by claiming he had a medical condition easily treated with ointments, gels and cream suppositories. Angry, he told Fiona that "you rob him – he sucks the marrow out of your bones." When she threatened him with M, he told her Carmelo's route.
Photo in Burn Notice : Enemy Of My Enemy episode 506
Pearce ranted she didn't like the plan and Sam recounted "well you and me both lady, but there's no other way." She called it a "yojimbo play" and said it was a "Hail Mary play and reckless." Sam said all he wanted was a listening device so they could stay in contact. She made him sign a "check-out" form for radio glasses and Sam realized that they might have trouble with it due to his rocky past history with Menaro [see Fall of Sam Axe]. Even with all this she still ragged on M to hurry with the security tapes and he requested some advanced facial recognition software. Fiona shot out the tire on the next heroin shipment and the thugs fled into the trees. Fiona branded Sam with a hot poker to make it look like he'd been grazed with a bullet and they towed the car away. Carmelo came, found the thugs and Sam in the bushes. He really had to do some fast talking but convinced Carmelo not to kill him all the while M, Jesse and Fiona listened. To keep from being killed Sam claimed he knew a few names and hangouts but if he was killed they'd never find the heroin and everyone would know Carmelo had been ripped off. Next step, Jesse feigned being high on drugs to go and convince the Serbians, Djovic, that they had a new enemy named Carmelo coming after them, a drug dealer who didn't like any "action" in his town that would cause police scrutiny. Fiona was pissed that she only got the duty to go with Madeline to the County Clerks office and scam her way into being able to rummage through government records to look for a look-alike to M. They pretended to be a ditsy southern belle with a patronizing southern mother looking for a man named Dave whose birthday was March 4th and who scammed their bank account. Madeline laid it on thick, they both feigned tears and the clerk, Peggy Peters, offered to let them come back on Saturday.
Photo in Burn Notice : Enemy Of My Enemy episode 506
With Sam in the car, Carmelo went to the Serb's hideout on the dock. M shot the cellphone out of a Serb's hand to start the gun play, and midst it all Carmelo ran down one of the Serbs and kidnapped him back to his mansion. Sam listened to all the screams during interrogation while M and Fiona listened over the radio while Sam spoke enough information for them to know where the Drone was being kept. Fiona flew off the handle demanding how uncaring M was and to go get Sam. M said this was a CIA operation and he'd go talk to them. Unfortunately, this was Gabriel Manaro and Matt Bailey we are talking about – the "bunch of bitchy little girls" that Sam calls spies in every episode opening. Completely off the wall, the two ranted and maligned both Sam and Michael until M had listened to enough and closed in on them face to face. He threatened "when I ask for something you better be ready." They spouted, "I wouldn't hold my breath" as M exited the room. Pearce asked to keep in touch and she would try to help. They listened as Sam frantically had to counter what "Vlad" had told Carmelo about only having weapons and not drugs at the marina. In the midst of Fiona maligning M about the whole plan, Madeline showed up for their trip to the county clerks office so she stormed off. Fiona's computer found 62,337 matches and Madeline flew off the handle. Fiona claimed she was as impatient as M and that the person who hired him probably found him this way too. They finally narrowed it down to one best match. Sam was allowed to interrogate Vlad but obviously didn't get anything except Vlad's apartment address to go check that he didn't have anything there. M and Jesse heard Sam claim that there were "scales and lots of yogurt in the room… blueberry yogurt." Luckily they were able to get Pearce to use real-time satellite images to direct them through the city in order to plant scales and yogurt in Vlad's room in time.
Back with Manaro and Bailey, the bitchey little girls, they told M that they weren't going to lift a finger to help because Sam was "not our people, he's not mission critical." Without even voicing a protest Pearce only told M "I'm sorry" as he stormed out of the room. He told her "just keep these bastard's off my back, I'll take care of this myself." Carmelo shot Vlad and took Sam with him to the marina where M was ready with an air breather tank so he could swim over and try to rescue Sam when the drone but no heroin was found. Carmelo came in with his crew guns ablaze - helped along with a little of Fiona's well placed sniper fire. The Serb guards were killed and the drone was found. As Carmelo was pointing his gun at Sam demanding to know who he really was, M appeared saying "he's my friend" and Carmelo immediately recognized him as the person he had warned he would kill if he ever saw him again. With a frowney face drawn on the wall by Jesse's sniper rifle, M convinced Carmelo that he couldn't get out alive if he tried to kill either of them. "You can either be a drug dealer who killed two CIA assets and stole a predator drone or a hero who found stolen military technology and seized it for the American government." Carmelo shook on it but said: "seriously, I will kill you if I ever see you again."
Photo in Burn Notice : Enemy Of My Enemy episode 506
Pearce was there with Ms car to compliment them for a "hell of a job you two pulled off" saying she was going to make a special notation in their files. Manaro and Bailey were lurking in the background and Sam called to them "you two get your boney asses off the hood." Finally, the two were shown as the blithering ass-holes they are, whining that M had been told not to mention the CIA. M reminded them they had said "the Serbs couldn't know the CIA was involved. Carmelo knowing wasn't 'mission critical' was he?" The cowardly sycophant that she is, Pearce merely grinned. The wieners raved about not honoring the agreement with Carmelo, so Sam told them they should have Pearce explain it to them speaking real slowly. That sent them onto a rampage about Carmelo's claims that he had merely been on a picnic when the Serbs attacked was so ridiculous they couldn't spin it. Sam merely said "sucks being you but I guess that's nothing new, right?" When they demanded their $4,000 surveillance glasses back, Sam claimed "sorry, I lost them."  M told him "you owe me one… and I owe you 50." At the restaurant, Madeline and Fiona staged an absolutely pathetic so-called "intervention" about "not playing with fire" and "putting your friends first." Finally, they revealed the driver license of his "look-alike" with the disclaimer "he doesn't look like you in person but does on tape." (???!!!) Jacob Starky, Madeline said with an arrogant smirk, "he probably doesn't even know what he did… I wonder what you're gonna do to him?" M and Sam did surveillance and watched Jacob receive a gun from a sinister looking guy in a black car.
A nice episode to watch, due much to what seems to be a new approach to the characters this season. I guess we have to put up with Pearce's orneriness because Michael hasn't yet been taken off the suspect list – although for the life of me, these characters must be living in a vacuum of some sort. It seems that the writers completely forget all the things M has done for the CIA in uncovering and destroying now TWO "Cabals" when it comes time to generate dialog. They STILL aren't above using completely ridiculous whining, blaming, self-flagellation anytime they think they need to add some angst or tension in someone's dialog.

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