Burn Notice False Flag

Full Summary of Episode 10

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110 - False Flag (10)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season one episode 110
When Michael Westen went to obtain a fake identity (false flag) for his anticipated trip to visit Cowan in DC, he was recognized by the man he approached, Jumbo, who then tricked him into handcuffs. Fiona rescued him playing her ditsy girlfriend cover then began, again, with her tiring rhetoric about M “needing her.” She ragged on him that he didn't even carry tools necessary to get out of handcuffs and gave him a hairpin. When he got the handcuffs off he put her hairpin in his wallet. Sam suggested M try and get Lucy to do his ID in exchange for doing a job that she wanted them to do.  When she balked at making an ID for him, he again had to use his ‘puppy dog’ begging routing. She finally agreed but sent him first to a woman named Evelyn, who had asked for help retrieving her son who had been kidnapped by his father Doug Baker. Evelyn wept and clung onto M which annoyed Fiona. Then, when they went to search Bakers house it was being watched by some gangsters who surrounded them and they needed to escape out an air conditioner hole. Then Evelyn claimed she had been jumped by some guys at the courthouse, again fawning all over Ms shirt while Fiona watched. Fiona engaged M in some barely understandable rhetoric about "letting his emotions take control" then stalked off in a huff. (huh?)
Sam’s contacts reported seeing Doug’s license plate at Mangrove campground; but said he wanted to go out with Veronica, so M ended up taking Evelyn with him. Evelyn saw M put his gun in the glove compartment (huh?) and seemed to take umbrage with it. When they found Doug the story immediately turned 180 because he said that it was he who was hiding from Evelyn who was with people who had killed his wife. M immediately realized he had been set up to do all the leg-work by Evelyn and turned to find her pointing a gun at him and that she had sabotaged the firing pin on his gun so it wouldn't fire. M fixed his gun by using the hairpin he had gotten from Fiona. When Evelyn began driving the charger toward their cabin, M rescued them both by tossing a propane tank onto it, shooting it and causing it to blow up. Evelyn jumped out in time but they were able to drive off in Doug's truck.
Doug said that he was the controller for Greenway Cargo which was found to be a trafficking company by the FBI who had forced him to cooperate with them. His wife had taken their car and was killed with a bomb so he had sent his son away and ran. M and Sam tried to call Lucy to warn her that Evelyn would be in "cleanup mode" but found that she was away at a meeting "with a new client." They rushed to warn Lucy but M found Evelyn sitting at a table wanting to engage in conversation.  Evelyn said that they had met in Istanbul 7 years previously, in July, when she had taken out two diplomats and was nearly caught by M. Since then she had been stalking M which enabled her to contrive the scenario she used very specific to Ms weaknesses. She eventually revealed that she had paid to have Lucy run down. M did save Lucy but Evelyn told him she would begin going through the rest of his friends/family until he give up Doug. Sam called the US Attorney to set up bringing Doug in and then went to protect Madelyn at Ms request. Fiona got the armed escort ready. M anticipated that Evelyn had a source in the attorneys office and would learn of their plans; so, after casing to find where he thought Evelyn would be setting up in ambush, he waited for her and caught her in the act. She committed suicide but not before some more hokey writing where she wanted to know if M liked her!  Lucy kept M out of the investigation then unbelievably wanted to know if Evelyn had said anything about their relationship! (huh?) She gave M the new ID she had made; but, Sam came and said that his sources told him Phillip Cowan was coming down to Florida to see M.
[Again, there were a couple of issues which seemed so weakly set up that they didn't make sense. In the car the writers threw in a completely contrived and unbelievable argument before Fiona played like M was doing something so eggregious that she couldn't be around him and flounced out of the car to walk home. And yet, incredibly, M seemed to accept blame without question. Then, the plot point of Evelyn's supposed emphatuation with M… where did that come from? Then Lucy asking M - did she say anything before she jumped? Huh? Perhaps some whole segments of explanatory dialog were removed in editing - but it made the plot points weak and poorly understood. It seemed like they were written for some day-time, soap-opera and not for prime-time drama.]

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