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102 - Identity (2)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season one episode 102
Michael Westen analyzed were the photos left in his loft had been taken from and found that many had been in his mother’s neighborhood. When asked, his mother, danced around the topic claiming that she “didn’t remember”; then finally admitted that she had actually invited “two government” people into her house several months ago. “They were very nice,” she claimed and had made them cookies.  M found a bug which had been planted in her electrical outlet; then ran to a vacant house down the street just as two men escaped and their equipment burst into flames. Madeline refused to tell Michael anything that would help his situation until he agreed to help her elderly neighbor friend who had been scammed and beaten. The elderly Laura had received a letter stating that she had won a prize; but when she called, three people came to obtain information which she had given until she became suspicious and told them to leave. They then had broken her arm. They drained her bank account and her children now wanted to put her in a home. Sam agreed to help IF M would let him stay in his loft. Fiona kept breaking in to the loft just to “say hi”; and then, just to spite Sam, demanded to join the job.
They found the con artists through the print shop they had used for the embossed letter. Sam set M up with a cover ID, Peter Jordan, ostensibly a cell mate of an ex-partner of Quentin King, the Con man. M went to the south beach club, Onyx, to initiate a counter-con to try and obtain Quentin’s bank account info by enticing him to join a con of his own. Fiona was asked to rig Quentin’s car so that they could disable it and to plant a bug on Quentin’s boat with Sam.  M was presenting his proposal to Quentin and his apprentices, Greg and Bonnie, to keep them busy. Sam and Fiona’s constant arguing slowed them to the point that they were caught on the boat by Greg and Bonnie. They pretended to be mistakenly on the boat as lovers and were able to leave. Both Fiona and Madeline contrived to manipulate M to attend a dinner where Fiona could rag on him about relationships. Despite being asked to “go easy” at the dinner Fiona embellished that she’d like to be a June bride and revealed to Laura that M was a spy. As a reward for coming to the lunch Madeline admitted that she had told the two surveillance men that Michael "was a perfect son – seemed better than the truth," she told him. Sam was tasked with setting up Greg and Bonnie to alienate them from Quentin; but, he had overdone it and Quentin found out about it before they were ready. Sam then tried to use Fiona’s disabling device but she hadn't  followed instructions either and the whole thing blew up. That sent Quentin underground and brought the FBI back on Ms tail.
M finally found Quentin’s hiding place and told him that he could arrange retaliation on Bonnie and Greg for him by hiring someone he knew. Sam and Fiona went back to the boat posing as detectives Cagney and Lacey and told Bonnie and Greg that they were going down for the extortion scam in a ploy to get them to flee, which they did. Finally, M told Quentin that the FBI tail following him was really following Quentin because Greg and Bonnies had informed on him. Quentin begged M to take his bank account info and arrange the hit; but Mike drained his account, returned the money to his marks and used his ID to call known terrorists and threaten judges and the drug cartel -- the most fun he'd had in Miami.  MW agreed to only take a $300 fee from Laura for helping her. Madeline finally said thanks and only then gave Mike the phone number of the people who had “surveilled” him. When he called the number a man only told him that “we’ll be in touch.”

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