Burn Notice Broken Rules

Full Summary of Episode 7

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107 - Broken Rules (7)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season one episode 107
Michael Westen gave Jason Bly his ID back which he seemed to take in his stride until revealing that he had set up Fiona, who was driving a stolen car with guns in the trunk, to be caught. Police sirens wailed as M ran to warn her and during the chase Fiona ragged on him for never “supporting her work” and couldn’t see any difference between Ms helping people and her running guns. They ditched the car in a parking garage and fled. Yet again pathetic Fiona turned every conversation into a referendum on their relationship.
Ernie Paseo, a friend of Javier (a previous client) and store owner in a rough part of town, wanted M to help extract him from being shaken down by Concha Ramirez for protection. He offered M $20,000 to kick Concha out. In his expanding harassment of M, Bly talked to Veronica, Sam’s girlfriend, and told her that he was two timing her - over which she was mightily provoked . Ms cover ID was "Johnny," a crazy crook, in order to convince Concha that she better leave the area because someone even worse was taking over.  Fiona gave Sam girlfriend advice with Veronica. Bly’s new tactic was to force M into taking a meaningless and insulting security guard job at a bank. M met with Barry to set up business records for him and Bly to make it look like they were in cahoots. He wanted off shore corporations, purchases, etc. as a “surprise” for Bly. M captured two of Concha’s men, took their money, drilled holes in their car, poured gasoline on it and told them to get out of town. He was captured by Diego Cruz, Concha’s second in command and taken to Concha. She revealed that she was actually planning to eventually take the property after forcing the owners out. She forced M to work for her and Diego took him around to make collections. He told M how Concha had shot his former boss in front of his kids and that he really didn’t want to be working on the street again. M needed to impromptu rob Fiona in order to “sell” his cover which set her off so she slugged him as a parting shot.
Bly broke into the loft without a warrant and told M that his rental car had been upgraded so Miami was being good to him. He threatened to sell Fiona out to her enemy’s and put Ms brother in jail if M didn’t take the security job. Concha sent M to kill Paseo’s whole family so she didn’t need to worry about any inheritance and lawyers. M warned Paseo to leave then built a bomb like Concha wanted. However, he turned the tables on Diego, who concha had told to kill M after he had completed the job, by telling him that Concha had really told M to kill him. Paseo bargained for M to let him go and he would take the bomb to Choncha's house and “take care” of her instead. M gave him the bomb which he planted in Concha’s house.  M gave Ernie most of his money back saying that he only needed it for "seed money"  then swore him to better secrecy than Javier had done.
Finally M revealed to the smug Bly, who thought he had won, all the blackmail documents he had created. Offshore bank accounts filled with deposits from M, joint businesses, photos of Bly in Ms apartment without a warrant, M had upgraded Blys car etc.. The Blackmail worked, Bly got the dossier on Ms burn notice that he was asked for and even apologized to Veronica for Sam. Of course now that the job was over, Fiona came back for her “talk” about “where she stood.” M told her that he had agreed to talk but not that he would have anything to say. He said they had been together and it didn't work. They had been profoundly unhappy in their former relationship in Dublin and Germany and he even had the scars to prove it. He said that he just couldn’t do it anymore. But, he said, he didn’t want to be with anyone else - there was no one he could be with that would make him more happy. Not getting the answer that she wanted, she attacked him and he had to defend himself but was obviously holding back – it ended in bed. Bly brought the dossier and told him to “have fun with it.”

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