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Full Summary of Episode 8

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108 - Wanted Man (8)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season one episode 108
Michael Westen brought the burn file which he had been studying along with him to Fiona's house where she was going to cook him dinner. Predictably (and tiringly) she wanted to manipulate the conversation into a you/me discussion. She asked him to go to the beach with her, but in reality wanted him to help her bounty hunt Thomas McKee. McKee was already being pursued by another bounty hunter, Wayne Ray, so Fiona assigned M to knock him over while Fiona captured McKee. When she did, McKee offered to pay her double to prove his innocence so now she wanted M to help with that. Fiona has snow globes for the places she’s done a job. McKee described that he had been blamed for stealing a 2 million dollar broach from the Victor Hotel after a friend who worked there had shown it to him. When his own attorney said that he would lose the case he ran. Sam got the name of the only person who fenced large diamonds from Barry.  Barry said that a guy named Cristo had shorted him on a deal and had cost him a client. M visited Cristo, discovered a diamond necklace hidden in his freezer and that someone had indeed tried to sell a broach like that a while back.  M forced him to tell the phone number. He also took the necklace for insurance of Cristo's silence until the job was over.
Sam used his FBI contacts to track the guy who put together Ms burn notice, Phillip Cowan, who works counter-intel for the NSA and got nothing more than a bill. Fiona faked having an amorous relationship with McKee in order to manipulate M into improving their relationship. Sam found the phone number Cristo gave them was that of Lawrence Henderson, owner of the hotel where it was stolen, and who was near bankruptcy. He had previously owned a hotel in New Orleans which was hit by a very convenient fire. Ray found Fiona’s home and came to fetch McKee. He was beating up M until Fiona beaned him out cold with a snow globe. Then McKee had to stay with M. Sam took point pretending to be Charles Finley, a representative for M who wanted to buy the broach. Henderson wanted to meet in person, finally submitted to Mr. Smith’s price but wouldn’t submit to independent authentication so M walked. They determined to begin a psych-op campaign to convince Henderson that someone was trying to steal the broach so he would bring it out into a bank vault or something.
Meanwhile, M approached Anwar, a Libyan spy, who was surprised to meet him. Anwar took MW head-bagged to a secret place to talk and M offered to tell him who had attacked their gas supply depot in Gadamas in 2002 if he would do a favor in return. M wanted Anwar to have someone in their organization merely mention Phillip Cowan as a friend in their conversations.  He said that Cowan would realize it was Ms doings and be forced to make contact to try and stop his career from being ruined. Henderson finally called for a re-visit but when M came he had Cristo there who had been tortured. M grabbed Henderson then escaped out the door. Barry told them that he had learned Henderson was going to move the broach to Dade Trust for safe keeping, so M gave him Cristo’s diamonds in payment. When they saw Henderson leave the house with the broach, they staged a fake robbery outside the bank and called the police so that they arrived conveniently at same time Henderson arrived and found the broach in his money belt. Phillip Cowan finally called M to complain that he had the FBI on his front lawn because the head of the Libyan secret police sent him a fruit basket. M told him he wouldn’t stop until he was told why he was burned. Cowan replied “I’ll be in touch, count on it.”  McKee paid Fiona $8,000 and she took it then told him to take a hike because her ploy to manipulate M hadn't worked. M did get her a new snow globe – “welcome to Miami.”

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