Burn Notice Unpaid Debts

Full Summary of Episode 6

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106 - Unpaid Debts (6)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season one episode 106
Michael Westen and Fiona were jus finfing that the loft had been broken in to and searched when he received a distress call from his mother, Madeline, whose house was being ransacked by Ms new “tail.” Sam complained that M hadn’t called him for help; but was told that he hadn’t answered his phone because Veronica had been demanding his time. M then needed money to fix up his mother’s house so Sam referred him to a friend, Virgil Watkins, a boat repo guy who needed help. Meanwhile M did tricks to keep his new tail's recon goons listening to a radio on Ms phone tap. Mason, a dirty cop, had hired Virgil to retrieve a boat from some hoods but they had just beat him up. So he offered $2,000 each for Sam and M to do it for him and deliver the boat to Mason’s warehouse. Sam wanted to get Fiona involved to make it to be “just like that personnel carrier in Bulgaria.” M wanted to think about it until his "tail" impounded his car and disconnected his phone as further harassment for Ms tricks so he told Sam "I'm In, but I need to borrow your truck."
Under the cover ID of Homer (devoted employee), they called the police to report drugs on an adjacent boat then walked over and took Andre Dekker’s boat back when he couldn't do anything about it. Dekker acquiesced knowing that he had a GPS tracker which would allow him to get his boat back, M found and removed it, or so he though. When M went to deliver the boat to Mason he found that the guy was dirty and had rigged the warehouse to explode. They barely escaped so began tearing the boat apart to see why Mason wanted it so bad only to find bales of about 10 million dollars under the floor boards. Virgil finally admitted that he had known they were cops but claimed that Mason had threatened his daughter Trudy. They removed the money and Sam and Virgil barely escaped midst gunfire when they were dumping the boat in the woods and the Jamaicans, who had a second tracker, showed up. Unfortunately for M Virgil had to stay with Madeline and began chatting her up, eventually sleeping with her.
Fiona and M swept the loft for bugs from their new "tail" and Fiona hijacked the conversation to force M into talking about why he had left her back in Ireland in front of the bug. He told her that his cover had been blown and contacting her would compromise her safety which, of course, she didn't believe. They found an optical bug on their window and counteracted it with a personal vibrator. M went to Mason saying he wanted to give the money back but the Jamaican’s were after him. Mason said they should bring the Jamaicans and the money to a spot and they would take care of it. Instead Mason had Trudy arrested and threatened to plant drugs in her car. M broke into his "tails' hotel room and planted an electromagnet in the lamp which then destroyed his lap-top computer. Virgil disobeyed Ms instructions and took Madeline out to a resteraunt where he was kidnapped by Dekker. M arranged to give back the money to ransom Virgil but then told Mason the same thing. Fiona, Sam and M decided to take out some money for themselves; then they set it up on a dock and covered it in gasoline. M stood with a butane torch over the gasoline soaked money as a stand-off between the Jamaicans and Mason but got Virgil back, then flipped the torch on the money as they started shooting at each other.  Jamaicans were killed, cops were in jail and Trudy was released. Sam got Ms charger back through his contacts with the FBI. M rousted his "tail" at the Carlito Cafe and Fiona picked his pocket of his wallet to discover that the "tails" name was Jason Bly and he worked for the CSS.

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