Burn Notice Old Friends

Full Summary of Episode 4

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104 - Old Friends (4)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season one episode 104
While going over sports trivia flash cards in the “sand-bar” with Sam for fun, Michael Westen noticed Jan Haseck, a Czech Assassin, sneak in the door and try to be unnoticed. So making a pre-emptive strike, he faked  inebriation and picked a fight with another rowdy in order to get close enough to Haseck that he could cold-cock him – saying, in Czech, “Welcome to Miami comrade.” M then felt that he needed to booby-trap his front door with a shotgun and set Fiona to tail Haseck who was tailing M. Madeline again manipulated him to come over to her house in order to force him into helping his compulsive gambler brother Nate with a job: finding a friend, Bill Reese’s, runaway daughter Jenna. Nate told M that he had been given $1,000 but when M went to give it back he found that it was really $3,000. Police had told Bill that his daughter was over age and could run away if she wanted. Her boyfriend, Brandon Diggs, half-assed modeling scout, had taken her to the Wilhem brothers who had her captive - although she didn’t know it yet. Sam located Diggs from a photograph and info from his FBI source, then incompetent Nate followed M to the bar arguing and screwing things up to the point that Fiona jumped in and enticed Diggs out to the parking lot herself.
Because of Sam’s informing to the FBI, M kept him in the dark about Haseck but Fiona found where the assassin was staying. When Mike went to Haseck's hotel he barely escaped a knife fight ambush. Then, posing as a (un-named) bidder at a fashion auction, M bid against the Wilhelm’s in order to gain access to them as a client. They invited him to a party they were giving that night and he was able to begin to talk to Jeaan. However she was whisked away from him, by Carl who told him that she had already been sold to Saudi Arabia and was leaving on Thursday.  M sneaked in to Haseck’s room and found an empty drink cup from a diner and that special meals were being ordered from the kitchen. Sam was being pressured by Harris and Lane, the FBI agents, to get more and more info on M. Then, loan sharks beat up Nate for non-payment of debt because M had been holding all the money and couldn't pay them. M still refused to give him the money knowing that he would just loose it; and told him that he would personally pay off his debt directly after the job over – that didn't satisfy Nate in the least however.
M planned to ambush the Wilhelm’s car on the way to the airport but pathetic Nate went to steal the money from Ms loft - which made mike need to rush hom to save him from the shotgun booby-trap and Haseck began shooting at him. M was hit by a ricochet so missed Sam and Fiona’s extraction.  Over Fiona's objections, they merely set a ruse which delayed their Jenna's departure by a day. Nate extracted the bullet from M with a knife then like a typical sociopath who thinks all his problems are someone else's fault, completely ignored that it was his entire fault and tried to shame M into giving him the money. M finally relented, and warned him t to "pay it all"; but of course Nate didn’t. They then kidnapped Oscar Wilhem and used him to ransom Jenna back. They made Carl tell Jenna the truth; as well as give back all their profits to the girls they had pimped. In usual fashion, Nate couldn’t see that the girls would miss it and wanted to keep money for himself. Using Fiona's intel that Haseck was ordering food from the kitchen because of a peanut allergy, M sprinkled peanuts on the hot dog Haseck ordered at the diner and held his epi-pen hostage to extract info about who had sent him – he had no real info – so M gave him the antidote then cable-tied him to the table and called Sam to notify the FBI. The next day Sam said “guys” came in to the FBI and took Haseck away to “commit suicide” in his cell. These same "guys" left M a balloon basket on his step saying to “take care of his shoulder” and they would “be in touch.”

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