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Full Summary of Episode 5

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105 - Family Business (5)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season one episode 105
Michael Westen in a voiceover explained that: "family knowing what a spy did for a living would let them figure that they could get into trouble and you’d get them out." As tiresome a character as he is, Nate again called M to come and get him out of trouble in a “job” he had taken. He was supposed to “talk” to some characters that his “buddy” had “gotten into trouble with.” Then, of course the sociopath that he is, blamed his incompetence on M who had the car “that should have gone to him.”
Fiona found a bug in Ms car which Sam had planted because of his FBI connections. M told Fiona to leave it alone because he only talked about what he wanted them to hear. Nate had scammed his friend Jake Miller into believing that he and M had a “business to together” fixing things. Nate stole the distributor cap from Ms car in order to manipulate him into finding their fathers will, hoping to get the car away from him. Fiona scammed her way into the Zamar’s hanger, the people who had beat up Nate's friend, for recon and found that they were really arms dealers and the father was an ex-israeli spy. M told Nate's friend Jake to play along while he would go under cover and get Ari Zamar to show him their warehouse. Sam bugged Ari’s car and set up his cover ID as Steve Remington, international man of mystery and another arms dealer. Fiona helped make fake and real C4 which M offered to sell to Ari behind his father's back and even gave him a demonstration. Ari’s girlfriend Debbie tried to seduce M in order to “trade up” – M told Fiona that if he "wanted a girl to mess up his life he could do a lot better than Debbie." Reluctant to show the warehouse, Ari relented when M started to back out of dealing with him.
Sam finally admitted to M that he had planted the bug under the FBIs pressure. M told him that it was all right with him if he broke into his loft and actually told him where to look, "under the sink, don't break anything." Ari eventually did show M their warehouse and revealed that they had cops on the payroll. Not being able to bring in the police, they had Jake go to the Zamar's and claim that he had been contacted by Steve Remington letting slip the arrangement with Ari. When the Zamar's went to their warehouse they found that it had been cleaned out and only a calling card for Steve Remington on the empty table. Not being able to find any trace of M they decided to leave town and therefore leave Jake alone. Sam dumped the guns they had stolen in the river, delivered the burn memo to his FBI tails then met a new friend Veronica in a bar. When they finally found there was no will and that Madeline had just wanted M to have something to remember his father, M offered to flip him for the car - and won; so Nate stole Ms wallet. Because of the burn notice paper that M had under his sink the FBI tails were pulled and Sam was told that the government was sending “someone new” down.

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