Burn Notice Loose Ends 2

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112 - Loose Ends 2 (12)  

Photo of Burn Notice TV season one episode 112
[Continued from previous] Together Michael and Nate Westen found Fiona hiding in the warehouse district, crashed into the building, tossed her a gun, built a bomb to put in Nate’s truck, rolled it out amongst the gangsters and escaped through a window during the explosion. Nate took them all back to a mansion under foreclosure in which he had been crashing and M dispatched him to bring Madeline there as well. Meanwhile, Sam was being beaten up in the hold of a ship but was smart-mouthed to his captors the whole time. Fiona retrieved some hidden firepower which she had squirreled away under an overpass. The lead captor used Sam’s phone to call whoever answered and find out who he was dealing with. M answered and said that he’d deal for Sam but wanted a photo as proof of life.  Sam chose to pose in a posisition like he had done in a previous photo which M knew about. Then M and Fiona had to break into Sam’s storage unit in order to find the photo and found that it represented a clue to tell them that the guys were going to kill everyone no matter what and that they should stay away.
Some men were waiting at Madeline’s house when Nate had gotten there; but, he stole a new car and ditched them. M had him buy some new burner phones for emergency use only!  M and Fiona set up a place where he could attempt contact of his old handler, Dan Siebels, and observe what kind of response it triggered. Within 10 minutes they had a response in armored cars so intense that they had to separate and flee back to Nate’s. The captor called back and demanded to see Fiona too – M agreed in order to buy time. Sam did everything he could to get his captors to kill him so M and Fiona wouldn’t need to show up. M asked Barry for the name of another heroin dealer that he could shake down for the name of the guys that had Sam. Barry initially refused so M had to tell him that "you and I are either friends or enemy’s.”  Barry said that Carmelo was the 2nd biggest dealer in Miami. While M was there, Barry’s phone rang and it was for M – a woman, refused to give her name but said they had “been trying to bring him in.” M told her to call back because he was busy. Barry wouldn’t take his phone back so they tossed in the river. They built a remote detonator on a dead-man switch and several explosive charges to plant in Carmelo's bar in order to get him to tell them the name and location of his largest competitor.  M argued that Carmello should welcome the chance to put out one of the competition but that if he didn’t - well then, M was really good at “raining down hell.” M didn’t even bother to use a cover ID, he plainly said that he was MW and “I used to be a spy.”
Carmelo called back with the name of Glen Harrick and said he lived on a boat. So, M set up a meeting with Harrick. Nate got Sam’s caddy back and the charger fixed; then he agreed to take Madeline out of town. M decided to drive Nate and Madeline to Ft. Lauderdale where he was going to steal a car that they could use to get away. His mom told him that he had always done a lot of things that she didn’t understand; but she knew that he’d always done them for the family. On the way to Ft. Lauderdale, it was obvious that cars were following them because Madeline had used the secure phone to call home to check for messages which allowed whoever the woman was to then tail her mobile phone. M got out of the car telling Nate to keep going then put a gun to his head and talked into the phone saying that unless they gave him some time he would kill himself. The woman called back and said that she’d wait and M said he would then come voluntarily.
Fiona made a “sticky bomb” to plant under Harrick's ship then M put on a dry suit and swam to the boat. When Harrick called M to set up the meeting, the phone rang outside his door on the ship. Then, when he went to check, M jumped him and they fought pretty evenly, banging against the cramped bulkheads. M was being choked and Sam jumped his chair over to slam the iron door on Harrick’s head. M grabbed Harrick’s gun out of his boot and shot him with it. Then, Sam and he escaped across the gang-plank and Fiona blew it up after they had gotten across. On the way back in Sam’s Caddy, On-Star called him and told him that his destination, 110 mile away, was being transmitted to the car. So, he let Sam out and was shown driving across a causeway and stopping at the back of a semi-truck with its tail ramp down. The woman called and told him that “we’re so looking forward to meeting you.”

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