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The Burn Notice television series has several directors each bringing their own unique style, expertise and interests to the episode, which is evident to a careful viewer. The creator, Matt Nix, does exercise a seemingly inordinate amount of "hands-on" control which tends to "even out" the differences but they are still evident.

The episodes created by each director are listed alphabetically along with a link to the summary should you like to read it.  

Alfredo Barrios Jr.

(77)—Necessary Evil; (88)—Unchained

Bill Eagles

(107)—Bitter Pill

Bronwen Hughes

(18)—Bad Blood

Bryan Spicer

(34)—The Hunter

Colin Bucksey

(3)—Fight or Flight; (53)—Center of the Storm; (64)—Bloodlines

Craig Siebels

(70)—Hard Out; (78)—Depth Perception; (87)—Reunion; (108)—Things Unseen

David Solomon

(4)—Old Friends

Dennie Gordon

(27)—Sins of Omission; (31)—End Run; (43)—Good Intentions; (46)—Fast Friends; (54)—Hard Time; (57)—Eyes Open; (84)—Under The Gun; (102)—Brothers in Arms

Dirk Craft

(42)—Partners in Crime

Ernest R. Dickerson

(26)—Truth and Reconciliation; (35)—Shot in the Dark

Félix Enríquez Alcalá

(36)—Friends Like These

Henry Bronchtein

(94)—Down and Out

Jace Alexander


Jeff Freilich

(21)—Good Soldier; (37)—Long Way Back

Jeffrey Donovan

(47)—Made Man; (82)—Mixed Messages; (100)—Forget Me Not; (SA01)—The Fall of Sam Axe

Jeffrey G. Hunt

(50)—Entry Point

Jeremiah S. Chechik

(11)—Loose Ends 1 (Dead Drop); (19)—Rough Seas; (33)—Signals and Codes; (48)—Breach of Faith; (51)—Past and Future Tense; (56)—Guilty as Charged; (66)—No Good Deed; (71)—Eye For An Eye

John T. Kretchmer

(9)—Hard Bargain ; (14)—Turn and Burn; (16)—Comrades; (25)—Bad Breaks; (30)—Question and Answer; (32)—Fearless Leader; (38)—A Dark Road

Jonathan Frakes

(58)—Hot Property; (68)—Enemy Of My Enemy; (79)—Acceptable Loss; (89)—Official Business; (104)—All or Nothing

Ken Girotti

(8)—Wanted Man

Kevin Bray

(41)—Enemies Closer; (49)—Neighborhood Watch; (52)—Where There’s Smoke

Larry Teng

(105)—Psychological Warfare

Marc Roskin

(61)—Out of the Fire; (67)—Square One; (93)—Over the Line; (96)—Odd Man Out; (103)—Exit Plan

Matt Nix

(22)—Do No Harm; (44)—Devil You Know; (74)—Dead to Rights; (98)—Game Change - 2; (111)—Reckoning

Michael Smith

(55)—Blind Spot; (73)—Better Halves

Michael Zinberg

(40)—Noble Causes

Nick Gomez

(83)—Last Rights; (95)—Best Laid Plans; (97)—You Can Run - 1

Paul Holahan

(6)—Unpaid Debts; (13)—Breaking and Entering; (15)—Trust Me

Paul Shapiro

(10)—False Flag

Peter Markle

(60)—Dead or Alive

Renny Harlin

(76)—Breaking Point; (80)—Fail Safe; (86)—Shock Wave; (90)—Desperate Times

Rod Hardy

(2)—Identity; (17)—Scatter Point

Ron Underwood

(92)—Means and Ends

Sanford Bookstaver

(5)—Family Business

Scott Peters

(24)—Seek and Destroy; (65)—Mind Games; (85)—Split Decision; (101)—Down Range; (109)—Tipping Point

Stephen Surjik

(12)—Loose Ends 2; (23)—Hot Spot; (62)—Last Stand; (63)—Company Man; (69)—Besieged; (75)—Damned If You Do; (81)—Scorched Earth; (91)—Desparate Measures; (99)—New Deal; (110)—Sea Change

Tawnia McKiernan

(72)—Army Of One; (106)—Nature of the Beast

Terry Miller

(39)—Friendly Fire; (59)—Brotherly Love

Tim Matheson

(7)—Broken Rules; (20)—Double Booked; (28)—Lesser Evil; (29)—Friends and Family; (45)—Friends and Enemies

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